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1 Smallegade
2000 Frederiksberg


Frederiksberg Kommune



When thinking of marrying in Copenhagen lots of people will assume that you will marry in the wonderful Copenhagen City Hall. However there is a hidden gem only 4km's away from the city centre and that is Frederiksberg Town Hall.

Frederiksberg is a small leafy district, which covers 9km2 of land. It was formerly an independent municipality, however it now sits within the municipality of Copenhagen. Even though it is known as an affluent residential area it has lots of wonderful restaurant and bars and has 7 stops of the Copenhagen Metro.

In this wonderful area of the city there is a HUGE park and the gardens to the stunning Frederiksberg castle.

Frederiksberg castle wedding


The Wedding Room in Frederiksberg is stunning very light and bright with glorious green flowers on the walls! The inside of the town hall is equally as beautiful with so many areas for you to take photos.

Frederiksberg town hall wedding


The ceremonies are always wonderful made with words from the heart that will often encourage a tear!

You can book your ceremony date for 2 weeks after the wedding office have received your approval from the Agency of Family Law and you can marry everyday apart from a Sunday, you will always need to present your documents at least one day before the ceremony!

Construction of Frederiksberg Town hall started during World War 2, but was not finished before 1953. Partly due to lack of building materials. It covers an area equal to a football pitch and there are 800 people employed there! There is a huge clock tower that is an impressive 50m above street level that offers stunning views of the cityscape, you can take a tour of the town hall and climb the impressive structure if you are brave enough!


Frederiksberg Wedding


And of course there are always happy couples there to share their enjoyment.






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