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Middelfart is a quaint old town situated on the island of Funen. Known for its scenic coastal areas, Middelfart is surrounded by narrow waters that offer both great walks and plenty of natural beauty.

Getting married in Denmark
A lovely bridge entry into Middelfart which is a pleasure!


If you are traveling to Middelfart via Copenhagen, it will take you around 2 hours and 20 minutes to travel there by car. If you are traveling from Copenhagen by train (directly) it will take you around 2 hours and if the bus is your chosen mode of transport, the journey from Copenhagen to Middelfart will take around 2 hours and 45 minutes. 

From Kongebro Harbour there are magnificent views of the old and new Lillebæltsbro. Nearby the harbor several deer parks offer the opportunity to have a picnic among the animals. Kongebro Harbour is for those who want idyll and nature. You can walk in the surrounding forest or follow the path along the banks of Lillebælt for about 15 minutes to Middelfart city center - this is a beautiful stroll which also leads you through Sildemarken and Old Harbour.  

Getting married in Denmark
Danish harbour and port which is very pretty

If it's a Museum that interests you, we recommend visiting the 'Clay Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark'. Here you will enjoy the finest arts and crafts, ranging from the Royal Copenhagen porcelain collection to experimental contemporary art.

Getting married in Denmark
The Clay Museum 














If it's History that interests you, why not check out Koldinghus Castle? Koldinghus was built in the middle of the 13th century, and in the centuries that followed, it was one of Denmark's most important royal castles. In 1808 there was a fire that left the castle in ruins – a romantic relic. Today the castle has been restored and houses a museum which is now a centre for several cultural activities and special exhibitions. 

Getting married in Denmark
Koldinghus castle is worth a visit if you like history

For more information on what to do and see in Middelfart please see this link.

You can marry in Middelfart every day of the week except Sundays, with document presentation the day of the wedding, and generally on weekdays witnesses can be provided.

The weather in Middelfart can be changeable due to its position, find out more here in Summer it can be stunning, but watch the winds in the winter months!

For accommodation suggestions please check here.


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