Open for love this Summer - What you need to know for the 4 phase plan

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From the 21st April 2021, the Danish government have put into place a 4 phase plan to re-open the borders and allow tourists back into Denmark ensuring that couples can marry this Summer!

We are so thrilled to explain to you the phases and the dates, it can seem to be quite complicated, but please get in touch with your situation and we can explain it to you and let you know where you and your individual situation sits in the 4 phases.


In short there are a couple of key dates for the re-opening (of course these can change)


April 21st - the borders will re-open to visitors as long as they meet certain requirements of worthy causes.  Quarantine is needed on arrival for 10 days.

May 1st - the borders are open for all 'yellow' and 'orange' countries with a negative test shown on entrance, a worthy cause is needed and no quarantine.

May 14th - the borders are open to tourists from 'yellow' and 'orange' countries with no worthy cause, no quarantine, only a negative test.

June 26th - the borders will be fully open to all EU and non EU in accordance with the EU's vaccination passport.


Restrictions are to be eased in four phases, beginning on April 21st and reaching completion by June 26th, should everything go to plan.


To read the current restrictions please refer to the website.


The plan only applies to travel to and from countries in the EU and Schengen zone, however. That means restrictions for so-called “third countries” outside of the EU and Schengen area will follow the common approach adopted by the EU, which is expected to be renegotiated prior to the summer.

As such, people who live in the United Kingdom as well as the United States will continue to be subject to tight travel rules as Denmark lifts restrictions on European travel, despite the relatively advanced stage of vaccination programmes in both the UK and the US. The agreement provides for travel restrictions to be updated weekly based on local situations with the virus in individual countries and regions in the EU and Schengen area.


The four separate phases are detailed below, followed by an outline of the current joint EU policy on travel from outside the bloc. The EU rules which will remain in effect for nationals of all third countries, including the UK. Dates are not final – health authorities will provide assessment and political parties will meet for negotiations at least one week before each new phase takes effect.

Phase 1: April 21st

Foreign ministry to lift blanket advice against all foreign travel. Instead, three categorisations for travel recommendations: “red”, “orange” and “yellow”. The categories will reflect local infection rates as well as the presence of mutations considered a “concern” by authorities. Weekly updates on travel advice for individual countries to return.

People who travel from “yellow” countries or regions not required to isolate on arrival in Denmark.

Business travellers no longer required to isolate.

Danes who own remote holiday homes termed ødegård in other Nordic countries no longer required to isolate.

List of “worthy” reasons which enable non-tourist travel into the country to be extended: people attending certain types of Danish residential schools (højskoler and efterskoler), international students, spouses or partners and children of Danes who live abroad now allowed to enter Denmark (in the latter case they must be travelling together with the Danish family member).


Phase 2: May 1st

Fully-vaccinated Danes, residents of Denmark and tourists from “yellow” and “orange” countries can travel in and out of Denmark free from testing and isolation requirements.

Requirement to document a recent negative Covid-19 test at border changed: must now be 48 hours old or less (currently 24 hours).


Phase 3: around May 14th 

This phase will be allowed to take effect once all people in Denmark over the age of 50 have been vaccinated against Covid-19 (excluding those who choose not to take it). 

Incidence rates used in travel criteria eased: yellow and orange zones can now have up to 50 and 60 (respectively) cases per 100,000 residents in last week (currently 20/30 per 100,000).

Yellow countries no longer require “worthy” cause for entry or isolation; normal tourists allowed to enter.

Orange countries no longer require “worthy” cause for entry. Persons, including tourists, from regions bordering Denmark no longer required to isolate.


Phase 4: June 26th

This phase will be allowed to take effect when the EU’s vaccine passport scheme has been implemented. The vaccine passport will provide for Danes to holiday in Europe and tourists from the EU and Schengen area to travel to Denmark for tourism. Test requirement remains in place for non-vaccinated people from orange countries. People without vaccine passports will remain subject to travel restrictions and anti-infection measures.


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