What is your cancellation policy?

If you have made payment, the application and process is underway and work on your file has started cancellation and then refund  for anything other than the Legalisation service (if you have paid for it and not initiated the service yet) is not possible.

If your application is in with us already and you wish to postpone - you must let us know and we will do this at no extra charge, for as long as the Familieretshuset will allow you to be postponed.

With Covid 19 and Coronavirus, we will help at no additional cost for you to rebook your ceremony to a date within your license date range, or move Town Halls. But if you are unable to marry within the license date range for whatever reason we are unable to reimburse you and you will need to speak to your Travel Insurers for recompense.

If you wish to rebook your ceremony in the event of an expired license and move forward with another ceremony, we will not charge you another full fee, but there will be a non profit cost €295 fee to cover the new fee we have to pay to the Danish Agency of Family law and the new file and application work we need to do.