Terms & Conditions

We require that payment be made in order to engage all services helping you practically and also with how to get married, and all payments made are non refundable for the Gibraltar weddings, SOS & Handheld services.

Depending on the stage at which the “Simply Everything” service is cancelled may in certain circumstances (judged on a case by case basis) be possible to refund back a percentage of the after care service if this has not been taken and actioned. Please note we are not liable for, nor able to obtain any refunds from the Danish Government office, nor are we liable for or responsible for any actions, decisions or delays that the Danish Family Law office may impose or create. All payments made on your behalf are non refundable so we cannot refund to you in the event you choose to, or are unable to proceed for any reason.

For any applications that are not physically made by ourselves it is your responsibility to ensure you have read and understand the criteria and questions correctly, and provided the correct information. It is also not our responsibility if an application has been delayed or declined due to lack of or misleading information provided to us at any point during the application process and contact.

In some occasional situations that cannot be predicted, the Danish Family Law office will come and ask for further additional information, and in 10% of cases the attendance of a face to face interview at the offices in Odense will be requested. We will do all we can to help in these situations, but any delays or inconveniences created from this are not the responsibility or bearing of Marry Abroad Simply.

Marry Abroad Simply uses a worldwide recognised secure third party payment platform to process credit and debit card transactions. As this is a third party it is your responsibility for all and any transactions made through the stripe platform, and Marry Abroad Simply is not liable for any loss or damage for any payments in any and all situations processed with your stripe account, and it is furthermore your responsibility to ensure the transaction completed to successful conclusion.  And that you agree that all cards used for payments are authorized and owned by the person making the payment. All payment information is encrypted, no information is ever passed or used that is not fully encrypted, and no information between us and the payment provider can ever be used or extracted by third parties. By using the Stripe payment check out you by default agree and accept the terms of service of the payment provider, and it is your responsibility to investigate these terms.

Marry Abroad Simply Ltd is the data controller and handler for the processing and use of your personal data.

Marry Abroad Simply Ltd - company number 12311633 - as we operate in Denmark and Gibraltar with more country locations to be added as part of our business expansion, it has been advised legally and by international accountants to have our HQ company registered in UK with postal office address in Denmark. 

The Willows May Road Turvey Bedford MK43 8DT UK

England In the undertaking of our services it is understood that you will need to send to us personal information in order for us to adequately perform and carry out the services you are engaging us to undertake, or if it is required to keep information solely for the aid and requirement of continued service to you, or for legal reasons and claim. We will store and use any documents and information provided ONLY as required for the purpose of the documents and administration of your marriage ceremony. Your information is not used for any other purpose, and is not sold. All information and documents are routinely wiped every 6 months, but financial information is kept for 6 years as law requires.