Getting Married in Sweden

If you are looking at Getting Married in Denmark and have the nordic wedding idea, then have a look also at Getting Married in Sweden! 

It is the largest of the Nordic countries, and you can look at the truly majestic Stockholm City Hall, or somewhere coastal, and we have places less than 1 hours drive from Denmark itself!! Sweden has the same document requirement as Denmark with NO Marital status documents or birth certificates. But it has never closed the borders to EU residents during COVID, so leaves less potential for this to happen in the future.

Documents required

- Passports

- Residency permits if living in a country that is not your home country

- Birth Certificates

- Marital Status Certificates

- VISA for entry into Sweden (if applicable)

- If previously married a death or divorce certificate (legalised if required)

Witnesses are provided on weekdays, and the marriage certificates are in English and Swedish, the wedding ceremony will be held in English.

It is a venue that is very welcoming of Same sex and International couples, and both Stockholm and Malmo have airports straight in for ease of travel.

It is a romantic, cheap, easy, stress free marriage location for any couple looking to get married easily. We are expert wedding planners and have helped around 3500 International and foreign couples, there is no situation that is too complicated or unusual for us.