Aabenraa Town Hall

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55.023500422699, 9.4222645


2 Skelbækvej
6200 Aabenraa

Abenraa Kommune



Aabenraa is in Southern Denmark close to the German border, it is actually incredibly amazingly close to the German border, and only a 35 minute drive and a short 35km distance from the Flensburg Danish/German border.

With same day document presentation and a short trip - you can be having breakfast at home in Germany, pop to Denmark to get married, and be home in time for tea!

Looking at it from the other way, it is 288km's from Copenhagen and it will take about 3h 12mins from the capital. There is a train station in both Aabenraa and also Copenhagen - making travel there by train easy if you are looking for another fast venue option and are arriving into Copenhagen.

The town itself is absolutely stunning, typically Danish and with a large port there you can enjoy the fresh air whilst eating fresh seafood and celebrating your ceremony.

Aabenraa is a direct translation of 'open beach', and from its kilometres of coast line you can see why! Aabenraa was known as a merchants town and grew through its industry of the production of hops. There is a large port in Aabenraa as it used to be a stopping point for lots of large cargo ships travelling across the Mediterranean.


The town hall is stunning!


Getting married in Aabenraa


You will marry in the gorgeous ceremony room in the beautiful town hall at Aabenraa, majestic and grand whilst being low key and dignified. The registrars and staff in Aabenraa are absolutely amazingly lovely people who will make you feel so special on your wedding day. If you would like to get married in Aabenraa and have your own witnesses, you can get married here on a Tuesday. If you do not have your own witness and require them, you can get married here on a Friday.

Marry in aabenraa


Getting Married in Aabenraa

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