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Odense is the third largest city in Denmark, it is about a 1 Hour 30 minutes drive or you can get there on a train really quickly in 1 hour.  It is also not too far from the German border, about 1hour 50 mins from Padborg.  There is also an international airport the Hans Christian Anderson Airport, where you can fly to a number of European destinations including Dublin, Edinburgh and Italy.

The surrounding are beautiful due to the inlet of water that feeds the city and some of the natural beauty can be caught on camera.

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The main city on the large island of Funen, however it is now part of the municipality of Southern Denmark.

As with many cities in Denmark Odense has a wonderful history and has been recorded as having settlers up to 4000 years ago!  It is known that the last unruly Viking King was killed in Odense and the city has always been a busy commercial one since the middle ages.  It has one of the busiest ports in Denmark and has the biggest railway station that was built in 1865, facilitating trade throughout Europe.  Also in the 1800's Odense Palace was rebuilt after it was burnt down and the University of Southern Denmark has its main campus based in Odense and all of these thing contribute to the current population of over 180000 residents.

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The city is a busy industrial one with untold amounts of culture, there is a symphonic orchestra, it is the birth place of the famous Danish storyteller Hans Christian Anderson and to mark this there is a wonderful museum celebrating his life.

The town hall is stunning and can be seen in the image below.


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