Denmark Wedding - Hand Held Service


We know how to get married abroad and we know how to prepare a 100% accurate file to submit to
the Danish authorities. The correct content submitted in the right format is an important first step and
it can help you enjoy a smooth, stress-free approval process. With our experience and support we can
help you get your submission right first time as we guide you through the administration. But we don't
have to wave goodbye when your application is submitted. Our service is flexible and it is possible,
and easy, for you to upgrade to our SOS or Simply Everything services.
To access these services we will need your authorisation to act and contact the relevant authorities or
providers on your behalf. (standard template?) Once on file we can swoop into action and smooth out

any unexpected hurdles your application may have run in to. It is your day and we are happy to hold
your hand all the way from start to finish. Contact us and see what would work best for you.