Denmark Wedding - Hand Held Service


In this service we are your 'Wedding Angels'.

We know how to get married abroad and we know how to prepare a 100% accurate file to submit to the Danish authorities.

The correct content submitted in the right format is an important first step and
it can help you enjoy a smooth, stress-free approval process. With our experience and support we can help you get your submission right first time as we guide you through the administration.

We will let you know exactly what documents you need and make sure that they are presented in the right format.  We will send you step by step instructions on how you can make the application along with your documents , so you are fully prepared to make the application.

* Please note this is the only service which DOES NOT include the AFL application processing fee. You would need to make payment yourself directly for the 1800DKK fee when you make the application (which is roughly €242).

Once you have your approval we can advise on which town hall to select in accordance with your time plan and wedding plans and then we will let you know exactly who to contact and how to contact them.

But we don't have to wave goodbye when your application is submitted.  If you find that you need a little extra help then you can then take the SOS service and we can continue the service up to your wedding day.

This would include taking over your application with the Danish Authorities and then speaking to them on your behalf until we get the approval and booking your ceremony for you.