What documents are required to marry in Denmark

Marriage requirements in Denmark may vary depending on your nationality and specific circumstances, but here are the general documents commonly needed for non-residents to get married in Denmark:

Documents everyone needs
- Valid Passport or EU ID card - which need at least 3 months validity from the date of your marriage.

- Some relationship evidence, to show longevity and contact, which can be photos, screen shots of dated messages, whatever you have.

Documents then which are situation dependant

Residency permit if you are NON EU and are living in the EU

- VISA for entry into Denmark if required, or enough 90 day in a 180 day stay remaining if VISA exempt.

- If any party has been married before then the Death or Divorce certificate is required (legalised if required as per Hague Apostille convention)

- If you are registered as living together a utility bill or bills (it is fine if you are not living together, it does not negatively impact your application)

- If you have shared children then the children's birth certificates

Shared administrational documents - which we provide to you

- A power of attorney to make application on your behalf

- Declaration of truth

* We provide you with these documents listed above, you simply need to print, complete, sign and date in pen and send us a photo of the forms back

Related FAQs

Can I get married in Denmark as a tourist?  Yes, you can on a tourist VISA or your 90 day VISA free period - There is a list of VISA free countries HERE

Do I receive my marriage certificates the same day? Yes you do, 2 from the registrar, - they are issued in English, German, Danish, Spanish and French on the same certificate.

How fast can I get married in Denmark? Depending on the venue and service you can get married in as little as 10-14 days from submitting the application with the AFL (Danish Agency of Family Law)

What languages are my marriage certificate in? You will receive International marriage certificates, which are issued in English, German, Danish, Spanish and French on the same certificate.

What language will my ceremony be in? You can choose between English, German or Danish.

Do we need to provide witnesses? Generally for most locations, on weekdays witnesses are provided for you. It is only Saturdays you must provide 1 or 2 (venue depending)

All documents for the application need to be in either English, German, or Danish - so translated into one of these with a certified translator if they are not already in one of those.

Once the initial application has been made the AFL may ask for further documents, we will help with this and let you know exactly what you need to provide. Or they will comeback in 5 working days with the License.

We can help with all aspects of the documents, check them for you, ensure that you have everything you need.  This is what we do, let us do this for you! You do not want to be navigating a foreign Government office - you want to be focussing on the fun parts from engagement through to wedding!

Contact us for a free no obligation documents list based upon your specific situation Whats app or Email or HERE