Can you help couples with complicated or difficult situations get married?


Yes we absolutely can!

There is no situation for Getting Married in Denmark, Getting Married in Sweden or Getting married in Gibraltar that we consider to be a complicated or difficult situation. To date we have helped over 3000 International and Foreign couples get married in Denmark, and we have processed documents from all over the world for the wedding paperwork and applications.

We see documents, decrees, residency, citizenship, death certificates, permits, VISAs and situations from all over the world, there is no situation that is too complex, individual, different, complicated or problematic - we have not had a couple, situation or citizenship to date that we have not been able to help get married.

We are so confident that we can help all complicated and international couples get married quickly that we do not charge any extra for fast weddings in under a month. So if you want to get married quickly in Denmark that is all part of the service. We have helped some couples in as little as 4 days, from start of the process to the actual wedding day!