How do I change my Danish Wedding date?

Town halls are closed until the 10th of May at time of writing due to the Coronavirus lockdown, please see our update page for further information.

All ceremonies up to that date are cancelled.

We can contact the town halls on the date that they re-open to re-book the cancelled ceremonies.

If you are already approved  and have had the Marriage license or "Prøvelsesattestendens" issued, and you cannot marry because of Denmark still being on Lockdown - once lockdown is lifted we can have your file reopened and extended. If you have a VISA or permit or passport expiring you will need to obtain a new one and send this scan in for it to be added to your file.

If your file is already in but not approved you can request the file be put on hold, to give you time to exit the Schengen area, or add a newly longer residency permit or VISA to the file and get married at a later date.

When the lockdown is over, if required we can have your file moved to a Town Hall with better availability, and can do this by contacting the Agency of Family Law Familierethuset  Government office on your behalf and having the electronic file moved.