Is getting married in Denmark with a Tourist VISA possible?

Yes, getting married in Denmark with a tourist visa is possible, as long as you have legal entry into Denmark you can get married in Denmark. We see many types of Tourist Visas, Work Visas, Student Visas, and residency permits for EU countries that give you entry into Denmark.

Anyone can get married in Denmark even if you are not a resident or Citizen of Denmark - as long as you can enter the country you can have your wedding in Denmark.

What documents do you need for a wedding in Denmark?

For a wedding in Denmark, the required documents vary depending on your situation. Generally, you won't need a Marital Status document or birth certificate anymore. However, you'll need passports or EU IDs, a residency permit if applicable, a visa for entry into Denmark, and a decree or death certificate if previously married. Contact us at [email protected] for a free documents list tailored to your situation.

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