Getting Married in Denmark, Corona won't stop the Danish love

During these recent months  of Coronavirus pandemic there have been so many unfortunate couples that have put their wedding plans on hold, that have had to cancel their Spring weddings, and are nervous about committing to a date in the Summer.  An alternative is to get married in Denmark and then have a big family party when you are able, and you can get married in Denmark, in any town hall for €745, witnesses and all costs included. All you need to do is turn up and get married.

Although borders are slowly re-opening and life seems to be coming back in our towns and cities, there is always the threat of the second wave. The Covid-19 lockdown has affected and touched everyone in the world in some way, and especially for betrothed couples who have been planning, saving, dreaming and organising this huge life event for months, years or even in imagination and concept since they were little boys and girls!

But there is light at the end of the tunnel for all the beautiful brides and grooms out there.... There are 4 seasons to the year and in Denmark, although Summer is undeniably wonderful,  there is nothing better than the Danish 'Hygge' season for a wonderful romantic ceremony. End of summer, Autumn and Winter have a magical special charm, snuggling up to each other under the Christmas lights, walking around Tivoli or enjoying a winter beach walk, cup of mulled wine in one hand, your life partners hand in the other. Looking at the golden autumn leaves blow around your feet and watch the landscape evolve and change hourly before you as your life chapter changes from one of a "me" to the start of a "we".....

With phase 4 of the ease of lockdown coming into place in Denmark on August 31st, Autumn and Winter will be such a joyous time in Denmark, certainly in 2020, the Cities and beaches will have missed their beloved international couples and travellers and will be standing with their arms open to see these people again.

Licenses are valid 4 months ahead for Denmark, so already we can get you booked in for a ceremony well into October (at time of writing!) and have files lined up for into the Christmas period.

As it is one of the fastest and easiest places to marry in Europe, and agencies such as Marry Abroad Simply cover all Town Halls from the gorgeous quaint Danish Islands, to the more Northern Towns.  Towns by the beach, Towns with Danish Unesco heritage sites, Town Halls right near to the german border, and Copenhagen City Itself - you really can pretty much have the freedom with us of choosing a date and venue to suit based upon your timeframe, wants, dreams and personality.

Rather than the usual complexity of having only one venue to look at, ringing up and finding out they are booked up months or years in advance and you have absolutely no freedom or flexibility as to the timeframe of your wedding we can work with you and your partner.

In Denmark you will make the application through the Agency of Family Law (the Familieretshuset), once approved it is valid for 4 months from the date of issue (unless you have a VISA, Schengen 90 day entry period to consider that has already begun, or a permit expiring).  So for example if you are approved on July 1st you would have the freedom to chose a ceremony until November 1st.

So by deciding when you want to get married in Denmark, your wedding planner in Denmark can plan the application process accordingly.

It is advised to use a wedding planner as not only do they do all of the application and communication with the Danish Government office (which can be almost impossible to contact unless you are an Agency), and book your town hall (they know all of the registrars!) they can also put the application on hold for you before approval if anything unforeseen happens, and also move the ceremony date and Venue for you as many times as you would like.  Perfect for those of you that know they want to marry but would like some flexibility on the date due to the current situation.

So back to the hygge!  This is when something is cosy, lovely, amazing - think of curling up in front of a fire with thick wooly socks on, a cup of hot chocolate and a great movie or book.  Check out our pinterest board for more examples!

Denmark for an Autumn Wedding  - (September, October, November)

As you probably know Denmark is famous for Lego, this amazingly versatile and fun toy which captures all ages, and has now branched out into movies originated in Denmark and is made in Denmark... So the Lego land in Denmark which can be found in Billund is INCREDIBLE for all ages! It is worth a visit!

When you get married in Denmark you can visit Legoland Billund
Legoland Denmark is great for big kids!


The Aarhus festival is a huge Scandinavian cultural event, with thousands of visitors and performers attending for 10 days in early September to celebrate all things Scandinavian. You can also easily get married in Aarhus and get married in Denmark in a truly Scandinavian way and feel during this event.


Fast wedding in Europe for International couples
Aarhus old town is very quaint and "Danish".

Denmark for a Winter Wedding - December, January, February

Tivoli gets a mention, its a personal favourite of ours, with the Christmas lights and decorations, and the smell of Mulled wine... Its festive, romantic and magical!

There is so much to do and experience, Christmas in Denmark starts mid November, and you can cuddle up to the one you love whilst snow falls in amongst the twinkling lights and at the same time enjoy a cup of gløgg, the Christmas markets are so achingly Nordic and quaint!


Getting married at christmas in Denmark
Getting married at Christmas is made extra magical with the Tivoli Lights



If you are feeling active and want to warm up you can do some Ice Skating in Frederiksberg, which is a suburb of Copenhagen and another great location to get married in Denmark if you are looking for a leafy alternative to getting married in Copenhagen.


Getting married in Frederiksberg in winter
Outdoor ice skating in Winter in Copenhagen is popular

Christmas in Denmark is celebrated on December 24th and you can say in Danish "Glædelig Jul"  which is merry Christmas! The main family get together on December 24th sees the meal of either roast pork or duck and a cold rice dessert with an Almond inside, which brings a gift to the finder of a Marzipan pig! There are many Danish traditions which you can embrace and combine as your own to celebrate and keep with you always your wedding in Denmark, and start a new tradition for your new family after getting married in Denmark!


Fast wedding in Europe for International couples
Getting married in Denmark in Winter is magical in a unique and special way

Photo credit Xavi Baeli


There is so much to offer in Denmark for your wedding, and it is never too early to start planning and looking at what you need, or having an idea of which location and season you would like.

You may even be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights!


Wedding Nomad Northern lights wedding
Magical winter elopement in Europe is easy and fast in Denmark

Even though everything is simple.  Wedding Planners are there to take the stress out of the situation.  They know the process and the logistics like the back of their hands so to them from the simplest question to the most complex then they will be able to answer it.

When you contact a wedding planner, of course, you will be firstly concerned with the date and the location. You want to get everything arranged and booked and organised, however your wedding planner in Copenhagen, may steer you in a different direction.  This isn't because they want to distract you from all the fun and wonderful part, it's because you have to follow a certain process in order for all the fun bits to fall into place.. 

So what is the process that you need to follow

International couples marrying is easy
Getting married in Denmark or Gibraltar made easy!

CONTACT - Firstly the step that you need to take is the documentation!  If you don't have the correct documents your ceremony won't be improved so this is the most important parts of the process.  However your wedding planner in Denmark, will be able guide you in the right direction, help you get the right documents and they will be able to let you know where to get them from and how to present them.  This part, even though it may be frustrating for you is something that you have to do so even if your wedding planner in Denmark seems like a scratched record, please listen to them, they only want you to get a fast approval, they know what works and what doesn't.

DOCUMENTATION - Once all the documents are there and in the right order, labelled ready and ready for the application, your wedding planner in Denmark will then make the application for you and then they will be in contact with the Agency of family law until you have the approval. 

APPLICATION - Im sure that you have all at some times in your life have tried to get in touch with a government agency, they will always work to the beat of their own drum.  Sometimes they can appear to be really unhelpful, sometimes you can't even get in touch with them.  Sending the email and the refreshing, refreshing and refreshing waiting for the email to arrive.  Your wedding planner in Denmark, knows how to get in touch with them, what questions to ask and what they will need to get the approval.

APPROVAL - So you have the approval!  Congratulations! Now you need to make the appointment at the town hall.  It needs to be a town hall that has availability on your desired date, it needs to be a town hall that you can get to easily, it needs to be a town hall where they offer witnesses if you need them;  Thats a lot to consider, but don't worry your wedding planner in Denmark will be able to give you your options, if you need to change the location of your ceremony they can quickly do this.  There are more than one wedding venues in Copenhagen and your wedding planner in Copenhagen can explain all your options to and get you booked in at the perfect place for your ceremony.


So that is the formal process, but if course now is the time that you can do the fun stuff!  You have your date and time of your ceremony, so how can your wedding planner in Copenhagen help you after this point?





Hair and Make-up

Little 'how-to' questions

There are lots of other bits and pieces that once arranged will make your already wonderful trip even better and your wedding planner in Copenhagen will be able to help you with all of these, they will have trusted reliable suppliers that they have worked with multiple times.

Have we convinced you yet?

We also have Gibraltar as a wonderful option - we are still waiting on the announcement of border opening for here, and then we can advise further. But if it is July 1st as we REALLY hope then you could be married by August 1st and still no Marital Status documents needed!!

Gibraltar is lovely all year round, thanks to the climate! And when the borders do open we can organise you a wedding in amazing places such as the Botanical Gardens or The Rock Hotel from €650 for a weekday wedding if you have your own witnesses! 

We are happy to provide advice and a free no obligation documents list of which documents you will require to get married in Denmark or Gibraltar  – just contact us on any of the methods below.

Have a look at our awesome YouTube channel for short information Vlogs on how easy it is to elope and get married abroad!

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