Getting Married in Denmark - Frederikshavn

This town is a lovely hidden little gem with a wonderful feel to it.

Frederikshavn is in the north Jutland region of Denmark and the translation of its name is 'Freds Harbour' so you can be sure that there are lots of wonderful places for scenic photos with water!

It is 350 km's from Copenhagen and, 100km's from Gothenburg - where you can take a ferry to this wonderful northern Danish town.  Click HERE for Directions.

The town is and always has been well know for its fishing and fishing industry and with its unique position on the Baltic Sea it has always had strong ties with the navy of Denmark. 

A bustling port town that is popular with Swedish and Norwegian day trippers who come to shop, taking the non stop ferry services from Gothenburg and Oslo to Frederikshavn.

The town is relatively small, yet packs a big punch on beauty,  and there are plenty of restaurants and bars that are situated in the town centre.  Worth considering that because of the northerly location, in Frederikshavn you have the opportunity to see the amazing northern lights.

But it's the scenery and sunrises and sunsets which happen of course every day and are not seasonal that take our hearts in this town.

Marry in Denmark
Every day a stunning Danish Sunrise and sunset can be seen!


You can marry here any weekday and Saturday mornings, leaving lots of options for couples.  Witnesses are provided during the week, if you choose to marry on a Saturday then you will need to provide your own.

For weather in Frederikshavn, please see here.

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