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If you are considering getting married in Denmark, take a look at the pleasant old port town of Faaborg, which is located on the island of Funen. Faaborg is a popular town, with its busy port, attractive historic buildings, and narrow streets, which are home to an array of cozy, atmospheric shops and restaurants. A Mediterranean atmosphere can be felt in the idyllic merchant’s town, where many entertainment events take place in the town square throughout the year.

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If Faaborg sounds like an option for you, your experienced Danish Wedding planner can help you with everything from document and administration with the Danish office of Family law, to the booking of your ceremony. You will marry in Ringe, where you will present your wedding documentation on a Monday and get married on a Tuesday. About a week is required upon receiving your approval for your appointment to be married and your 


There are numerous ways to travel to Faaborg, from train, bus or car. If you’re traveling from Copenhagen, the fastest way to get to Faaborg is via car, which is a 2-hour drive. If the train is your chosen way to travel, this will take you around 3 hours and 30 minutes and if the bus is your option, this should take you around 4 hours to reach Faaborg.

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History and Attractions - 

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If you are a fan of history, then Faarborg is defiantly the town for you! One of Faarborg’s famous landmarks is the Bell Tower, it is said that the oldest part of the tower is said to date back to the        15th century. If you visit the tower, you are able to climb to the top, there you will be able to view the red roofs of the city, along with the breathtaking views of South Funen Archipelago and the spectacular hills of Svanninge Bakker.

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Along with the Bell Tower, you will find over 123 castles and manor houses in and around the town, Some of the castles near Faaborg have played an important role in the history of Denmark. Despite not all of them being open to the public, it is possible to admire them all from the street. Egeskov Castle is the most famous castle in Funen and is a spectacular place to visit!

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If it’s museums that you’re into, Faarborg has you covered, as it is home to many museums, including the famous architectural gem that is ‘Faaborg Museum’. The museum is known for presenting the work of the local Funen artists, who painted sceneries of their nearby surroundings in Faaborg.TThe 'Faaborg Chair' can be found in the museum, which is a piece of Danish modern furniture that was specifically designed for the museum. There is also the Town Jail Museum, where behind closed doors, you will get a taste of prison life as it was in the good old days and in recent times.


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For couples who enjoy walking, you can take a stroll along Faaborg’s Marnina which attracts over 13,000 pleasure boats each year and has frequent visits from yachts and fishing boats. This is a perfect spot to bask in the fresh Baltic sea air!


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