Gibraltar Registry Office

Map Location

36.137670311596, -5.3541607


3 Secretary's Lane
GX11 1AA

Gibraltar Registry Office has seen many couples marry and tie the knot and it is a truly iconic place to marry.

Located just off Main Street away from the business of the shops and restaurants sits on what used to be called Lovers Lane. 


Elopement Gibraltar



A small entrance into the government buildings where you go to marry.

Get Married in Gibraltar



The actual ceremony room is calm and serene, you are married with the registrar at the table and there is space for up to 20 guests including your 2 witnesses.

Gibraltar Wedding



Gibraltar Registry office


It really is a wonderful place to marry you will enter the building as two single people and exit as a married couple!  It's perfect!

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Click HERE for accomodation (personal favourites of Sam and Leanne are The Elliot Hotel and The Rock)

If you are looking for places to eat in Gibraltar, you can find a variety of cuisine on the island. We highly recommend Little Bay curry house, Gauchos Steak house and The Ocean seafood restaurant.

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