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55.707989291759, 9.5323639303219


1 Klostergade
7100 Vejle

Vejle is a beautiful town sandwiched in between Kolding and Fredericia.  The word Vejle comes from the old Danish word which means wading place , as it is the point where there has always been a busy crossing point of the Vejle river.  In Viking days there was a long wooden bridge allowing market traders to cross the river and this dates back to 1215.


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Many of Vejle's neighbourhoods began as separate towns or villages that merged with the city as it grew. Søndermarken, Nørremarken, and Grejsdalen, however, were all founded as extensions of the city onto the surrounding hillsides. Making this a wonderful place to visit for your ceremony.


There is a wonderful shopping area of Vejle and this dates back to the middle ages where the city was know of the Manchester or Denmark due to its large textile industry.  This can still be seen with all the clothing shops that the city has to offer.

There is a large harbour area in Velje as this was, after the Second world war was one of the largest ports towns in Denmark. The shopping street runs the path of the fjord and there is lots to do and see.

One of the main focal points of this harbour area is the Wave Apartment building that is known throughout Denmark.


Get married in Vejle


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