Danish Wedding Traditions

If you are an International couple getting married in Denmark you will probably be interested in knowing a little about a traditional Danish wedding and the customs and traditions that the Danes have for local marriages. Every country in the world has traditions and special superstitions related to the act of marriage, and Denmark is exactly the same.

While Danish wedding traditions can vary by region and personal preference, here are 20 Danish wedding customs and traditions:

  1. Engagement Rings: The exchange of engagement rings is a common symbol of commitment.

  2. Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties: Pre-wedding parties are common for both the bride and groom.

  3. Morning Groom's Parade: The groom and his friends create noise outside the bride's home to wake her up in a playful manner.

  4. Wedding Flags: Danish flags, including the national flag (Dannebrog), are raised to announce the wedding.

  5. Wedding Invitations: Formal wedding invitations typically include a detailed itinerary.

  6. Kranselag (Crowning Ceremony): In some regions, a wreath made of myrtle is placed on the bride and groom's heads as a symbol of their union.

  7. Wedding Speeches: Family and friends give heartfelt speeches at the reception.

  8. Kissing the Bride and Groom: Guests clink glasses to encourage the couple to kiss.

  9. Wedding Cake Cutting: The couple cuts the wedding cake together, symbolizing their shared future.

  10. Dancing and Music: Music and dancing are essential elements of Danish weddings.

  11. Wedding Procession: Some couples have a wedding procession from the church to the reception venue.

  12. Wedding Kisses: The couple may exchange a series of kisses, often guided by the number of times guests clink their glasses.

  13. Wedding Breakfast: A traditional Danish wedding meal may include pickled herring, liver pate, and other local delicacies.

  14. Handmade Invitations: DIY wedding invitations are common, showcasing the couple's creativity.

  15. Polterabend: A pre-wedding party where guests play pranks and break old dishes to bring luck to the couple.

  16. Wedding Rings with Engraving: Engraved wedding bands may feature the couple's names, date, or special messages.

  17. Midnight Serenade: A tradition in some regions where a group of friends and family serenades the newlyweds at midnight.

  18. Throwing Rice or Confetti: Guests often throw rice or confetti at the couple after the ceremony for good luck.

  19. Wedding Games: Games and challenges may be included in the wedding reception for entertainment.

  20. Midnight Kissing Chain: Guests may form a chain and pass a kiss from the bride and groom to the end of the chain at midnight.

Please keep in mind that not all Danish couples incorporate all these traditions into their wedding. The specific customs observed can vary widely depending on personal preferences and the region of Denmark. It's best to consult with the couple or their families to understand which traditions will be part of their wedding celebration.

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