Required Documents for Marriage in Denmark

Since the new Danish Marriage laws came into effect in January 2019 there has been a slight change in documents. Denmark is still one of the best places to get married in Europe or the world, and is still a good option for cheap, fast, affordable registry office weddings. Please do contact us for a free no obligation documents list clicking here .

The new Danish Marriage Law changes came about to stop criminals using the easier marriage process in Denmark to organise sham or proforma weddings with fake documents to obtain EU residency permits. So if you have enquired before 2019 as to how to get married in Denmark this is why the price, process and documents are different. But rest assured we have been doing this for many years, and are able to keep it simple for you and navigate this new Government process flow for a smooth administrational experience with us. We are expert and experienced wedding planners in Denmark who can help you every step of the way when you are looking at Getting Married in Denmark.


All Applicants need to provide;

Marry AbroadValid Passports (the expiry date must allow for 3 months between the ceremony date and the expiration date).

Marry AbroadIf you are not living in your country of citizenship, a valid residence permit.

Marry AbroadIf you do not have visa free entrance to the Schengen Zone then a valid Schengen Visa with validity for the date of the ceremony.

Marry AbroadIf you are divorced, the original full and final divorce decree, this must be legalised within in accordance to the Hague Convention.

Marry AbroadIf you are a widow or widower, you must have an original death certificate legalised to with accordance to the Hague Convention.


All documents need to be in either English, German, or Danish.

Once the initial application has been made the Danish Authorities may ask for further documents, we will help with this and let you know exactly what you need to provide.

We can help with all aspects of the documents, check them for you, ensure that you have everything you need.  This is what we do, let us do this for you! You do not want to be navigating a foreign Government office - you want to be focussing on the fun parts from engagement through to wedding!

If you wish to proceed with the Danish Marriage Application service - 

1) Simply send us photos or scans of the requested documents on email or whats app

2) We prepare your file ready for submission

3) Payment is requested

4) We make the application

5) We receive the license and book your wedding

You get married!