Blomster Huset

At BlomsterHuset, we specialize in everything to do with flowers. We have a desire to share and spread our joy with fresh bouquets and aesthetic flower decorations. With the help of hand-picked suppliers, we can guarantee a beautiful and fresh result - every time.

At BlomsterHuset in Billund you will find a large selection of flowers, decorations, plants, art and delicacies. Come into the store and get inspired or have beautiful bouquets delivered right to your door.

It is incredibly important to us that our customers are always 100% satisfied and feel well treated. That is why we are always available and are happy to make an extra effort to ensure that our customers' wishes and needs are met. Should you, for example, have a special request or wish for a bouquet or decoration, you are always more than welcome to contact us and hear more. If you need guidance or inspiration, we are ready to receive you in our store in Billund.

For more details, please see their website, instragram, or you can email, or phone +4524263118.

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