Sweet Valentine

In the year 2000, Marianne Valentine started the Sweet Valentine Dessert patisserie.

Then it was primarily product development for industrial companies, photo and self bake products, and course business for professionals in the kitchens.

It developed into the production of cakes and chocolates from all over the world in the kitchen at Vesterbro in Copenhagen. Then it was primarily sales to professionals, ie wholesale to restaurants, hotels and the like.

Today, Sweet Valentine produces for all connoisseurs, wedding cakes, cup cakes, classic and abstract cakes, pies, freshly baked cardamom scones, cake tables, desserts, filled handmade chocolates and everything a connoisseur could otherwise dream of.

If you want Vegan or Gluten free - just ask them! And if you have a vision of what you would like and do not see this, or a size that is outside the ordinary just message them and let them know.

Contact Marianne at [email protected] or Call +4559303000

Visit the Website HERE

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