Town Hall

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Document presentation is the day of the wedding, just before the wedding, and the witnesses are provided in the room for you. You will be presented on the day 2 International marriage certificates by the registrar.


Vejle is a lovely town in the South Jutland Area of Denmark it is 1hour 25 minutes from the German border. Vejle is most known for its forested hills, fjord, harbour, shopping, pedestrian mall, and windmill.


Faaborg is on the island of Funen in South Jutland, 2 hours by car from Copenhaghen and 2 hours from the German/Danish border. It is a busy town with a bustling port and a wonderful Danish historical feel.

Frederikshavn Town Hall

Frederikshavn is in the north Jutland region of Denmark, the journey is about 4hours by car from Copenhagen or a stunning ferry crossing from Gothenburg in Sweden! It is an industrious fishing town with plenty to see and do including the chance to see the Northern Lights!

Fredericia Town Hall

Fredericia is a stunning town 2hours 20 mins from Copenhagen and just over one hour from the German/Danish border. Picturesque with lots going on, this is a great venue for couples wanting an wonderful ceremony in a small yet bustling Danish town.
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