Copenhagen Express Wedding

If you are looking at getting married in Denmark quickly, the best option is our Express wedding in Copenhagen with the best wedding planners in Denmark. Marry in 2-4 weeks from date of license issue, or on a weekday date of your choice when there are no standard ceremonies available.

The Copenhagen City Hall Wedding

Copenhagen has been for some time an iconic place to marry as the capital of Denmark and the "Big Daddy" of venues, the only one called a City hall and not a Town Hall. A wedding in Copenhagen City Hall Wedding can make an elopement or a full wedding celebration something that you and your friends and family will remember for a life time.

The Danish International Marriage Certificate

What does the Danish International Marriage Certificate you are issued when marrying in Denmark look like? It is issued in 5 languages on the same certificate, and it is legally recognised worldwide. In this article we will explain section by section what further specifically is included and shown on the Danish marriage certificate.
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