Cost and Wedding Packages


What is the Legalisation option?

Choose the Apostille service if you require this additional verification on your marriage certificates. The service includes one Apostille per certificate and ensures couriered return of the document(s) to you. Apostille legalisation is the highest level of verification provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, confirming the authenticity of your marriage certificate from a recognised licensed venue with a licensed registrar.

Can we have a ceremony outside of the town hall?

You can certainly have a ceremony outside of the town hall in a venue of your choice, there are a variety of choices whether it be a beach or garden. This is not included in the Everything service, and there are extra fees involved that are paid directly to the registrar and Town Hall for attendance and travel expenses. You would also need to have your witnesses, please ask for more details if you are interested in this.

Do you offer Wedding packages or wedding elopement packages?

To keep the process and experience simple, we do not offer set-specific packages, as people have different budgets, timeframes and requirements. But we do work with vendors and suppliers in each location and can offer you information and contact details for most things that you may require. We do like to keep it easy so you can Marry Abroad Simply and have exactly what you want - rather than what we think you want!

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