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The Alameda Botanical Gardens are just stunning, the main wedding period in The Dell is April - October, but you can have a stunning Botanical gardens wedding anytime of the year and The Bandstand is available November - April. Never be worried about the weather, should there be a shower there is plenty of leafy canopes. Or The Dell has its only little pop up Marquee to protect that wedding hair!

A great venue for couples with children, as there are playgrounds and a zoo - which is filled with lovely and unusual animals which have been rescued from the ships coming into port.

The Botanical Gardens in Gibraltar



The Botanical Gardens in Gibraltar are a little slice of paradise in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the island. Based at the bottom of the famous rock of Gibraltar, they are calm and tranquil. In 1816 the gardens were commissioned by the British Governor of Gibraltar General George Don. It was his intention that the soldiers stationed in the fortress would have a pleasant recreational area to enjoy when off duty, and so inhabitants could enjoy the air protected from the extreme heat of the sun. The gardens were resurrected in 1991 by an external company when it was realised that since the 1970s they had fallen into a poor state As you enter through the main gates you are greeted by the grand stairs that lead to the gardens;

The Botanical Gardens in Gibraltar

In the Gardens there are three areas where you can marry, one of them can fit up to 300 people.  For our couples we focus on The Dell, it is a breathtaking area that seems that it was made for a small intimate wedding ceremony. You are able to have up to 20 guests in this area, there is room for seating if needed for  a small number or everyone can stand and enjoy the ceremony from where they please. There are gorgeous chairs provided, and cava after you are married for a toast and the possibility of time to have photos.


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You will marry at the top of the steps where there will be the registrar and a table with a white table cloth and chairs for the ceremony. This is the bridge that sits opposite the area where you marry.  Your husband to be and the registrar and guests can stand from this viewpoint and watch the bride make her way!  If you have more than 20 guests then some can stand on the bridge and watch the ceremony from this view point. This is the view from the bridge... You marry at the top of the stairs and as the bride walks over the bridge she can see everyone waiting!


And then after the ceremony there is always a picture as the happy couple are walking through the famous whalebone arch!


Weddings in the botanical gardens in Gibraltar


The Botanical Gardens is such a perfect place for a ceremony.  There is also a PA system so the bride can enter to chosen music.  Entrance is free for all guests and then there are several areas where you can enjoy a drink after the ceremony to cool off and of course some amazing places for photos! If you are looking for places to eat in Gibraltar, you can find a variety of cuisine on the island. We highly recommend Little Bay curry house, Gauchos Steak house and The Ocean seafood restaurant.

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