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If you are looking at Getting Married in Denmark and want a Danish Island wedding that is a bit different, not mainstream, very quaint, Danish, hidden undiscovered secret then this is the place for you. Ronne is a beautiful town on the gorgeous island of Bornholm about 4hours 30minute drive from Copenhagen, that includes entering and crossing Sweden and a ferry.  Or you can fly twice daily from Copenhagen in 40 minutes. Your experienced Danish Wedding planner can help you with everything from document and administration with the Danish office of Family law to the booking of your ceremony. 


You will marry in the stunning town called Ronne, it is on the coast and the town hall is lovely with a very grand ceremony room.  There are lots of options for weddings outside of the town hall, that can be arranged after approval from the Danish Authorities.  The town hall is minutes from the ferry terminal and surrounded by hotels and restaurants.


The History & Sights of the Area

The island is situated in the Baltic sea, it is the east of Denmark and the South of Sweden, so the coastlines are incredibly romantic and unspoilt and the environment is so dramatic and untouched! The island is 558km2 and has a population of approximately 40000, so it's certainly not the smallest of the Danish islands.  Due to its geographical location the island has a long history of battles for its control.  The forces of Denmark, Sweden and Germany have all been in control at some point however now it is a Danish Kommune.

The Round Churches - There are four round churches in Bornholm and they are well know in the area, the churches were built in a round style because they were built to withstand the weather and invading forces.  The ground floor is as a normal church and the upper floors only accessible through a series of small corridors.  The churches are now used for worship and are open to the public.  They are magnificent structures and certainly are not to be missed!

Getting Married in Bornholm

Paradisbakkerne - is a group of hills that are located in the east of the island, they are stunning and to walk through the forest for a couple of hours will  appeal to everyone.  There are 6 lakes in the woodland and marked out hikes that are easy to follow and for all ages.  The landscape is lush and green and really good for the soul!  So get yourselves wrapped up and have some wonderful Danish fresh air and experience Hygge!

Getting marries in Ronne


Photo by Leif Sorenson 

Allinge Havn - This harbour town is lovely, its not the largest town on the island it is situated at the centre of the town centre and wreathed by an interesting urban environment featuring fine shops and restaurants right on the quay, including a wide selection of seafood.

Getting Married in Ronne


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