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Same Sex Wedding Destinations
Leanne                                                                                  Sam

People marry people .... So we want to introduce ourselves to you, as we will be with you as a small part in your largest day.

With more than 15 years’ government office experience between us, and as professional wedding planners in Denmark we know that understanding our clients’ unique circumstances, hopes and needs is as important as getting the right paperwork in place. We know how to navigate the bureaucratic channels, the tick boxes and the legal requirements to make any wedding possible. International couples with complex residencies, same sex marriages where regulations may differ, or an urgent need to marry quickly and efficiently. Whatever your situation our professional, personal service will help steer you to your perfect wedding.

We see beyond the bureaucracy to a couple simply looking forward to their happy day. And that is why we do everything to ensure that your wedding, from the day you contact us right through to the big day, runs smoothly. Denmark’s progressive outlook and LGBTQI- friendly environment make it one of the top same sex wedding destinations for everyone seeking a stress-free wedding. With the right paperwork you can be married in one day and leave with an internationally recognized wedding certificate.

On a personal level we are friendly, efficient, professional, fun, light hearted and soft hearted hopeless romantics, who make weekly promises to exercise more (and maybe eat less chocolate...!), but we enjoy life too much! And we really enjoy our jobs, this is a life choice for us to dedicate ourselves to couples having an awesome stress free day, and we get genuine pleasure from the feedback and photos couples send us. You will not find wedding planners who are more invested in your happiness than we are.

Free no obligation documents list? Questions's? Want a chat? More info? Call us on +45 3696 4950,  Whats app us +44 7934 933486 or +44 7934 933356 or email on interest@marryabroadsimply.com or go to contact page.