Apostille Service


Ensure the authenticity of your marriage certificate with our comprehensive Apostille Service. 


What's Included:

  • Thorough verification process
  • Hague Convention Certification
  • Couriered return to your doorstep


FAQs and more information

Wondering about the Apostille service? Check out our FAQs to gain a deeper understanding of this essential component, discover more information on the Legalisation of a Danish Marriage Certificate and how it seamlessly integrates into your wedding plans.

This service includes full verification through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen, aligning with the Hague Convention standards. 


Hague Convention Standards

The Hague Convention streamlines the acceptance of public documents, like marriage certificates, across member countries and it introduces the Apostille. The Apostille validates the document's authenticity, simplifying the international acceptance process. 

Once a document receives an Apostille, it is exempt from further legalisation in any member country, providing a standardised and widely accepted form of international document authentication for individuals using their marriage certificate abroad.


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