The Copenhagen Express





Are you looking to get married in Copenhagen fast? The Copenhagen Express is the service for you if you are looking at getting married in Denmark and want to get married in Copenhagen fast on a weekday of your choice, guaranteed from 2 - 4 weeks from the issue of your licence.

This service is also for any dates in Copenhagen outside or faster than currently available standard ceremonies - which are generally 8-10 weeks ahead at any time - they are booked up.

This service is the €745 Everything service PLUS a €350 private registrar fee included - which of course totals the advertised price of €1095. Should you wish to pay the 2 fees separately and see if we can secure you a cancellation or standard service first that is also possible. 

This is the ultimate service in terms of a flexible Denmark wedding. When you need to get married quickly for whatever reason and you need to prebook a date to suit you and decide whether it is morning or afternoon, the Copenhagen Express package offers the ultimate flexibility.


To get started contact us for a free documents list and to get your date pencilled in whilst we start the process for your marriage application. Marrying in Denmark could not be simpler!

What's included in the Copenhagen Express wedding package?

Our Copenhagen Express wedding package offers an incredibly quick way of getting married in Denmark. This popular package includes everything required for a successful wedding in Copenhagen. Read below for a full list of the services included in our Copenhagen Express package:

- FULL free documents list and guide
- Unlimited support & guidance
- AFL/Familieretshuset fee of €252
- All taxes
- Private registrar in Copenhagen City Hall
- Copenhagen City Hall ceremony room
- 2 witnesses
- 2 International Marriage certificates (minimum)
- Obtaining the Marriage License
- All and any communication with the Familieretshuset/AFL
- Booking of your Danish Wedding
- Concierge support for any bookings with verified vendors (some at discounted rate)
- Full and immediate refund if your application is rejected
- Advise on how to do Legalisation yourself when in Copenhagen so's €30 only


 Book Our Copenhagen Express Package

If you wish to proceed with the Danish Marriage Application service the process is - 

1) Simply send us photos or scans of the requested documents on email or WhatsApp

2) We prepare your file ready for submission and pencil you in for a date

3) Payment is requested

4) We make the application

5) We receive the license and book your wedding, send you details of where to be when and with what - and our inclusive free concierge service contact you

You get married!


Looking at getting married in Copenhagen? With this Copenhagen Express service you will have the ultimate support from us throughout the process, from the moment you contact us until after your ceremony. We are the best wedding planners in Denmark and the most specialised and experienced wedding planners in Copenhagen. Trust in us for your special day!

At Marry Abroad Simply, we have nearly a 100% success rate on Applications with the Danish Agency of Family Law AFL. Nobody has organised more weddings in Denmark than us, particularly in Copenhagen. We also have an in-house Government documents specialist.

Get married in Copenhagen quickly and hassle-free!




At Marry Abroad Simply, we understand that you may have some questions about getting married in Denmark. Because there is a lot to consider, we have created an FAQs page which addresses some of the common questions couples have before booking a wedding in Denmark.

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