Getting Married In Denmark

Leanne your wedding planner explains the process of getting married in Denmark


If you wish to proceed just send us the documents by email or WhatsApp, and we'll process your application and book your Denmark wedding. No payment is requested until we are ready to process the application. Services are inclusive of the AFL fee (except Handheld and SOS), there are no hidden fees.

Every year, more than 15,000 individuals choose to tie the knot in Denmark. The allure lies not only in the country's remarkable beauty but also in the array of compelling advantages that come with getting married here.

  • Very few documents are required to get married in Denmark (no Single status or Birth certificates - if you get asked we will refund you!)
  • Get married in Denmark in a matter of days 
  • You leave the same day with your Legally recognised worldwide International marriage certificate in 5 different languages
  • Danish weddings can be arranged on a tourist VISA 
  • No residency status is required for weddings in Denmark
  • We have Danish wedding venues near the German border where you can marry and leave on the same day
  • Venues in Copenhagen for easy flights and travel

Why get Married in Denmark?

Why consider marriage in Denmark? Here are a few reasons why so many people choose to get married in Denmark. Firstly, there are a large number of Danish wedding locations that offer city, sea, island & romance, as well as a huge amount of venues for your timeframe and situation. It is a fast, cheap and easy way to marry whilst not forgetting the importance of the day. 

We are the best planners of weddings in Denmark. When it comes to orchestrating a seamless and delightful Danish wedding, no one does it better or faster. Since our inception, we've assisted over 6000+ couples in their journey to marry in Denmark. Currently, we take care of around 150 couples every month, a number that continues to rise.

Marry Abroad Simply is the only wedding agency in Denmark to offer a full refund promise if your application is rejected. We are also the only planners of weddings in Denmark who have a 100% success rate on applications and licences. Trust in us for your marriage in Denmark.

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General information about getting married in Denmark

Since the laws changed in January 2019, all Danish wedding applications now have to go through the Danish Agency of Family Law Office, or the Familieretshuset, via an electronic file and application - which we do for you with the Everything service. 

For all marriage ceremonies in Denmark you leave straight away with 2 copies of your International Marriage Certificate - which is in Danish, German, French, Spanish & English (we can also request extra copies at no extra cost if you require them!).

At Marry Abroad Simply, we have been planning weddings in Denmark and in Copenhagen for many many years, and count the registrars we work with as personal friends. We are truly the best option for helping International, Foreign, NON EU, EU citizens and Same Sex couples with a marriage in Denmark no matter what your situation. There is no document, story or legislation too complex for us to help, and we are personal, friendly and available 7 days a week.

As expert wedding planners in Denmark we can also share our vast knowledge to ensure that your stay in Denmark is stress-free, help with guidance on trusted and known photographers, flowers, hair & make-up are but a few of the recommendations that we can offer.

We can help you with the Apostille Legalisation of your Marriage Certificate after your marriage also!

If required we are able to obtain you a Denmark wedding ceremony just days after your approval from the Danish Government office - so you can get married simply and quickly. At Marry Abroad Simply, we are very experienced at all types of situations, especially ones that are complex, difficult, unusual - or if you are NON EU, have short dated VISA or Permits, or need to marry in a hurry! We are the number one choice for Foreign and International couples.


Get Married In Copenhagen 

Being the capital, the buzzing city of Copenhagen is by far our most popular location for getting married in Denmark fast. Our expert wedding planners in Copenhagen have years of experience in arranging marriage in Denmark for foreigners. Our most booked venue for getting married in Denmark is the stunning Copenhagen City Hall. Not only is this venue centrally located in the capital, Copenhagen airport is the largest airport in Scandinavia with connections around the globe!  Are you looking at getting married in Copenhagen fast? Contact our dedicated team of wedding planners and start planning your Denmark wedding today. 


How To Get Married In Denmark


To initiate the Danish Marriage Application service, follow these simple steps:

  1. Share photographs or scans of the required documents via email or WhatsApp.
  2. We will meticulously assemble your application package for submission.
  3. Payment will be requested at this stage.
  4. We will proceed with the application process on your behalf.
  5. Once we obtain the licence, we'll arrange your wedding and provide you with all the essential information regarding the ceremony. Our comprehensive concierge service will also be at your disposal.
  6. You get married!


* No payment is requested until we are ready to process the application. Services are inclusive of the AFL fee (except Handheld and SOS), there are no hidden fees. We have a 100% success rate.

Our Denmark Wedding Services

Are you dreaming of a simple, elegant, and hassle-free wedding abroad? Look no further than Marry Abroad Simply! We specialise in making your dream of getting married in Denmark a reality. Whether you're an International couple seeking a romantic destination wedding, or a local resident desiring a stress-free civil ceremony, we have the expertise to guide you through the entire process with ease and efficiency. Explore our Denmark weddings today.


Denmark Town Halls

Navigate around the map below and identify the Denmark wedding venues where you Could soon be getting married. Click on each venue and read about our options for getting married in Denmark.