Getting Married In Gibraltar

A Registry Office Wedding in Gibraltar offers the simplicity and perfection of a true low-key elopement, a sentiment embraced by iconic couples like John Lennon and Sean Connery.

If you've ever wondered about getting married in Gibraltar or considered the need for a wedding planner in Gibraltar, look no further. Whether in the registry office or a registered external venue, your Gibraltar wedding can be a memorable elopement with just the two of you or a more elaborate affair at locations like the Botanical Gardens, The Rock Hotel, or Mons Calpe. Choose a simple ceremony room or celebrate in style at The Lounge or Rendezvous overlooking the Harbour.


Why Choose Us?

Personalised Service: We handle all aspects of your wedding, from documentation to appointment bookings, ensuring a seamless experience.

International Marriage Certificate: Receive two copies of your international marriage certificate within 4-6 weeks as part of our service. You can request that on the day you receive a legal official letter from the registrar confirming you are legally married if you wish, this can be ordered when you present the documents and is an additional £11.50.

Venue Options: Explore various venues for your ceremony, including external locations beyond the registry office.

Additional Services: Recommendations/Advice for anything else that you may need. Our concierge service extends beyond the ceremony, helping you find professional suppliers for flowers, photos, hair, makeup, cake, and more. 


Legalisation Service with Apostille

Opt for our Legalisation service if you need certificates legalised with an Apostille, returned to you by courier for added convenience.

Explore Gibraltar

Discover a variety of cuisines on the island, with recommendations for places like Little Bay Curry House, Gauchos Steak House, and The Ocean Seafood Restaurant.

Free Documents List and Consultation

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Legal Entry: Ensure legal entry into Gibraltar

Documentation: Provide original long version birth certificates, death or divorce certificates (if applicable), and marriage certificates (if name changed). * If not in English they need to be translated into English by a certified translator.

Translation: Non-English documents must be translated by a certified translator.

Evidence of Stay: Demonstrate at least one night's stay in Gibraltar.


The Beauty of Getting Married in Gibraltar

Getting married in Gibraltar is well known for its beautiful scenery and its wonderful registry Office where hundreds of couples marry each year. Ensuring your Gibraltar marriage has everything you wanted, be it a registry office wedding or any other wedding ceremony venue, there are so many beautiful wedding venues for your Gibraltar wedding. We can arrange for your registrar to also be at external locations other than the Registry office if you prefer, have a look at our blog section for options such as Getting Married in Gibraltar for a few ideas, but we have over 20 blogs for ideas on Gibraltar weddings!

Please look at this amazing video made by Andy Holmes of the top 10 things to do in Gibraltar!



Wedding Day Process

  1. Present original documents and evidence of stay at the registry office the business morning before your ceremony.
  2. Receive Affidavits for a sworn oath, signing, and return at our Notary.
  3. Return to the registry office at least 15 minutes before your ceremony time.



Bring two witnesses for your wedding or ask waiting couples to share the love elopement style. Alternatively, we can organise witnesses for you with a small travel and time charge payable in cash to them on the day of £25 to each of them.

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