Planning your wedding in Denmark Checklist

So you have decided that getting married in Denmark is the best option for you and your partner to have a legally recognised wedding - well done, you have already completed step one with the Danish Wedding Planning without even realising it!

There are still some aspects that you need to consider with planning a wedding in Denmark though, some are administrational and required, some are fun and just because it is your wedding day!

Where do you go from here? We often get asked by couples -

* How do we get started with the process of getting married in Denmark?

* What do we need to do in order to get married in Denmark?

* What things do we need to consider in general when we are planning our wedding in Denmark?

It is not called and considered the easiest place in Europe for foreign couples to get married for nothing!


1) - Contact an expert wedding planner in Denmark like Marry Abroad Simply 

2) - Be given a list of the required documents to get married in Denmark

3) - Start gathering the documents 

   * You will need EU Passport main pages or EU ID travel documents
   * NON EU passports all pages even the blank pages and the covers
   * Residency permit if you are officially living in a country that is not your home country and a permit is required (visiting as a            tourist does not count, do not worry)
   * VISA for entry into Denmark if you need one (a tourist Schengen VISA is absolutely fine!)
   * If you are previously married we will need the full and final Decree of Divorce that states the decision cannot be appealed          (Legalised if required, but your wedding planner can advise you of the specifics)


4) Email everything over to your wedding planner for submission to the Familieretshuset for your license of marriage

5) Get approval and book the wedding

6) Investigate how to register the wedding back in your countries of Residence and Citizenship, and make any forward appointments with residency permit offices.

7) If you wish to have a name change, make a list and order you need to do this in and where you need to send the marriage certificate, and order any forms specific (passport, driving license, tax office etc)


1) investigate whether you need the Legalisation Apostille service on your International marriage certificate

2) Book travel, either with flights, train or your ferry to Aero if you are marrying on the Danish Island of Aeroskobing

3) Make sure you have a hotel or Airbnb booked if you need one or need to present the documents the business day before the wedding

4) Book a photographer such as this amazing Copenhagen Photographer

5) Book hair and make up such as this incredible professional Hair and Make up artist

6) Either book flowers ahead or make sure you know the location of the local florist so you can pop in and get a bouquet

7) Book a special restaurant (if required) we love this chain if you are getting married in Copenhagen

8) Decide if you are having wedding rings or saying a few special words to each other as marriage vows, as you need to let the registrar know this on the day. 

9) If you wish to zoom friends in then make sure you set up the link and invitations

10) You do not have to wear wedding dresses or outfits, it is your day and completely up to you, but if you do have something in mind then enjoy shopping! Some couples use this shop for delivery

11) If you are having a celebration at home then make sure you have your wedding planning list and wedding guest list for this event all in hand also!


We are happy to provide advice and a free no obligation documents list of which documents you will require to get married in Denmark  – just contact us on any of the methods below.

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