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190 45 Stockholm-Arlanda

In Stockholm Arlanda airport, there are the VIP Services, these are an ultra private way of travelling, and used by the Swedish Royal Family and celebrities, and for those who want to travel but not enter the airport terminal.... The building is located 'air-side' of the terminal and it really is a VIP treatment from either the time your feet hit Swedish Soil or just when you are ready to leave!

Getting married in Sweden

The building is designed in true 'scandi style' modern, luxurious beautiful features and lighting shouting warmth and service. The suites are just amazing, and so hard to show in photos, the feeling is of warmth and there is natural light with large ceiling window panels.

Getting married in Sweden

There is a full bathroom with shower facilities allowing for you to get ready in style and privacy. You have 3 choices to enjoy this memorable experience- you can either marry the day before departure, or the day of departure, or be collected from your Airport hotel for the wedding during your stay!

The Day before departure

This is usually for couples who have an early morning flight leaving Sweden.. you can marry at the VIP suites the day before, and then you will be whisked to your hotel for your first night as husband and wife!

Of course you can choose this option even if you are staying in Sweden and want a wonderful private moment in amazing surroundings! You will be collected from your Airport hotel by a VIP services BMW and chauffeur driven to the VIP Suites, here you will have use of the suite for one hour, with light refreshments and a bottle of your favourite champagne. The registrar will be waiting for you in the VIP suites. After you are married, you will be taken back to your hotel by BMW, ready for your flight the next morning as husband and wife! You can then choose to celebrate further by yourself or with family or friends at one of the amazing airport hotels.


The Day of Departure (or another day during your stay!)

You are collected from your Airport Hotel by a chauffeur driven BMW, you and your luggage is taken to the VIP Suites. Check in is done for you and you can wave goodbye to your cases until you land at your final destination, so you have all the time to prepare for your special moment. On arrival you will enter your suite and you can use the facilities there to prepare, or if you are all ready for the wedding you will be greeted by the team and straight away have your special moment and be able to relax afterwards, you are then taken to your aircraft steps ready for take off by the chauffeur driven BMW. The registrar will come and meet you in the VIP suite, and perform the ceremony in the stunning surroundings and again you and your guests (if you have any) can relax and celebrate with Canapes and Champagne.


On Arrival

You can also opt to have your ceremony on arrival into magnificent Sweden! You will be collected from the plane steps by a chauffeur driven BMW and they will whisk you to the VIP centre, no need to worry about your bags! You will simply give the driver your bag tags and they will collect them for you and bring them to the VIP Suites. So do remember to travel with hand luggage anything essential you will need immediately. Not having to deal with customs or bag checking leaves you time to shower, change, have your hair and make-up done if you wish, have some light refreshments and be ready for your ceremony. The registrar will come to the Suite and perform the ceremony. Once everything is done and you have toasted your marriage with your favourite champagne then you will clear customs at the VIP suite and taken to the terminal with your bags to either check in to your hotel or carry on with your journey to Sweden!

Getting married in Sweden


Your red carpet awaits!

Getting married in Sweden


For all three options you can have a maximum of 8 guests with you and of course if you are just yourselves then witnesses will be provided (occasionally these will come in the form of celebrities that are using the suites before they travel, when we were there the Swedish national football team were there!). Light refreshments, tea and coffee are included and will be found in the suite waiting for you. Full meals, snacks, hair dressing, make up, photographers and everything else is possible, just ask! If your guests are travelling with you and they would like to take advantage of the VIP service to and from the plane then at a small extra cost this is of course possible. We are so excited to be able to offer this service, it is something so brand new and wonderful and it really is the ultimate elopement! It is your big day, and elopements can offer a huge level of luxury that you would never experience usually or likely have again, to make your day extra memorable - just like all and any wedding days should be.

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The standard price for a couple marrying and up to 10 guests is €1995 but further prices will vary on the services that you choose to add in and the extras that you would like; please speak to Sam or Leanne for further information.

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