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We love helping International foreign couples to get married easily, quickly and stress free. This couple kindly have given us an audio review in English, Spanish and Swedish!
If you are looking at getting married in Denmark you may be thinking 'Can I have a bridal bouquet if I am eloping and getting married abroad? And the answer is "Of course you can!"
We are often asked by our couples who are getting married in a Denmark or Gibraltar what they should wear to a town hall wedding? What will everyone else be wearing? Is there an elopement dress style?
Marriage is a commitment for life.  It is a permanent, life long relationship.  It also saves you tax.  So go ahead and get married and along with the joys of life, enjoy the joys of financial benefits and save on taxes too!
February 17th - 24th is Copenhagen Winter Gay Pride Week - a celebration of rainbow love, human rights debates, talks and exhibitions. Gay, same sex and transgender couples and people all celebrate love.
Looking for some Fun ideas for a marriage proposal to the one you would like to wed? We've seen some fantastic ones that we want to share!
Discover how a wedding agency can take the stress away from your big day, whether you are getting married in Denmark or Getting married in Gibraltar a wedding planner in Denmark or Gibraltar will make sure your ceremony is all booked and organised, and take any stresses you may have- worth every penny!
Understand a little more about Wedding Photography - if there is one thing you should allocate budget to (after the documents part!) It is the photography. We work only with well known photographers we can vouch for - Leustean is one of the expert Danish Wedding Photographer and Videographers we work with.