Middelfart is a bit of a hidden gem in Denmark, it is 6 hours from Germany, 2.5 hours from Copenhagen airport, and has the airport of Billund around 1.5 hours. There are weddings in Middelfart daily except for Sunday, and generally witnesses can be provided on weekdays. Great venue for German residents.
Aero Island is a stunning place to marry, it is quaint, picturesque, and very very Danish! It is known as the main Danish Wedding Island, or the Danish Island of love - and for good reason. All of our couples who marry there are so happy with the location, and also make a special mention to how wonderful the registrars were. And they are!!
If you are looking at Getting Married in a Nordic country, and want grandeur, history, ease, Vikings, Abba, then Sweden is your place! The Capital City Stockholm has a most AMAZING City Hall where you can marry on a Saturday...
If you are getting married in Denmark and want something a little different for your wedding backdrop photos - how about you head to some of the amazing architecture that is in Copenhagen...
So in this COVID era, we are seeing a lot of couples having a lot of issues with their weddings, cancellations, friends and family unable to travel, reduced numbers for the celebrations.... But all is not lost, you can still have your wonderful elopement ceremony, intimate, romantic, just with the two of you - and you still get to share it will everyone else!
Instagram is for the moments that you forget, the snapshots that you see in your eyes, the memories that you want to share with your 'tribe'.  Its for sharing and showing, you, your places, your views.. Don't forget to tag us #marryabroadsimply
Getting married in Denmark is a beautiful and intimate affair, you can have the wedding you want and focus on your life partner. There are key people involved though, and we wanted you to meet the registrars that will help bring your hearts & lives together legally. They seal the magic.
If you are getting married in Denmark and can look at a ceremony in the stunning Copenhagen City Hall then you should. It is the "daddy" of Danish marriage venues, the hub of love, and the busiest largest, grandest venue - right in the centre of the Capital, Copenhagen.
Denmark is a country of history and traditions and there are lots of wonderful Danish Wedding traditions if you marry in Denmark which on will you adopt?
After all the confusion of Coronavirus, borders closed, borders opening you need a Wedding Planner who understands the system and can guide you through it effortlessly and smoothly.. Sam and Leanne can do this for you we ensure that all our couples have their applications either approved or placed on hold and are ready to be released as soon as the couple is ready.  Even if that may be 2021 or next week!