Gibraltar Speciality Weddings €1495/£1250

Gibraltar Speciality Weddings €1495/£1250


In Gibraltar there are 18 venues where you can have a wedding that is outside of the Registry Office, here at Marry Abroad Simply we have developed a service that allows you to marry at three of these venues where it is just the two of you, allowing you to marry outside of the registry office, yet still not have to have guests or eat and drink at the venues.


We will of course look after all the documentation, liaise with the registry office, book and confirm your ceremony, your document presentation and arrange for you to sign the affidavits at the notarial office.

We will arrange your ceremony at any of these venues and our fees include the venue hire, the registrar fees, 2 certificates with apostille stamps on them sent out to you once they are issued, we will also offer constant support and assistance to make sure that you have everything that you need to ensure your day is perfect.

Using three of the most beautiful venues in Gibraltar meaning that you can still take your special moment and be in the most beautiful surroundings with stunning views, yet keeping it private and personal.


Botanical Gardens


Weddings in the botanical gardens in Gibraltar
Get married in the Botanical Gardens in Gibraltar - it is stunning!


The Botanical Gardens in Gibraltar are a little slice of paradise in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the island.  Based at the bottom of the famous rock of Gibraltar, they are calm and tranquil.  In the Gardens there are three areas where you can marry, one of them can fit up to 300 people.  For our couples we focus on The Dell, it is a breathtaking area that seems that it was made for a small intimate wedding ceremony.  There are gorgeous chairs provided, and Cava after you are married for a toast and the possibility of time to have photos. 

You will marry at the top of the steps where there will be the registrar and a table with a white table cloth and chairs for the ceremony.  The Botanical Gardens is such a perfect place for a ceremony.  There is also a PA system so the bride can enter to chosen music.  

Bistro Point 

Get married quickly
Over looking the Sea in Gibraltar - serenity!

Bistro Point is situated at Europa Point, one of the southernmost points of the Iberian Peninsula and continental Europe. Situated at the narrowest part of the Strait of Gibraltar, it is just 14 km away from Africa. The coast of Morocco can be seen directly from our venue.

We are in the place where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, which offers an unparalleled panorama with views that include 3 countries (Spain, Morocco and Gibraltar), 2 continents (Africa and Europe), an Ocean (The Atlantic) and the Mediterranean Sea! 

You have an exclusive hire of the terrace that has the most amazing views into the sea for the time of the ceremony.  And again a bottle of Cava to enjoy after the ceremony, take in the views and the moment.


Mons Calpe

Gibraltar Wedding
Get married at the top of the Rock

A wedding at the Mons Calpe Suite seems to fit everything that Gibraltar has to offer into one perfect air conditioned view. On a clear day to your right you can see the glorious Spanish landscape, and on your left you can see the Atlas mountains, surrounded by the sea, you are so high that you almost feel as though you are in the clouds.  You will have exclusive use of the stunning conservatory, this room has views that will take your breath away, with floor to ceiling windows.  Your room will be yours for one hour, it will be dressed with a table and table cloth for the all important signing of the registry, the registrar will be there waiting for you to conduct the ceremony in these stunning surroundings.  We can arrange seating for your guests (if there are any) and there can be an aisle so the lovely couple can meet at the end for the ceremony if they choose to do so with a more traditional feel.

Along with this we will include return cable car tickets for the couple and any guests and a glass of Prosecco for everyone. 


Gibraltar is always such a special venue that everyone loves..  Renowned throughout the world as a wonderful place for people to marry quickly and easily.  As the marriages are non religious legally binding civil ceremonies that are recognised all over the world it is a wonderful location for all religions, situations, sexuality, and requirements.  You need only stay 36 hours - just enough time to present your documents and then marry. 

If there is space & availability we can organise you a wedding very quickly - within 2 weeks, although usually for a registry office wedding you need at least 4-6 weeks lead-time. For a speciality wedding there is usually more availability and the registrars are available weekends and evenings. So if you want a Saturday wedding then Speciality is going to be your best option.

Mondays in the registry office have best availability as the document presentation is the business day before (the Friday). So for best chance of a fast wedding, if that is what you need, do see if you can make your travel plans work for a long weekend, arrive Thursday night and marry on the Monday. If you prefer something low key and that is €745

And if you use your time wisely that is all you need you see, hear and make enough memories to last a life time! Have a look at the awesome Welcome to Gibraltar or  Gibraltar Tourist board sites for some great ideas of things to do whilst you are there.

The country is part of the UK but on the Southern Spanish border. You can fly directly into Gibraltar (interesting fact that our own Leanne's Dad was in charge of rebuilding the runway a few years ago so think of us when you fly in and land safely!).

You can also fly directly into Malaga and there is a bus service that leaves regularly to take you to La Linea - which is the Spanish border town of Malaga and it is a 3 minute walk from La Linea into Gibraltar over the walking land border. Or you can very easily drive from Malaga, it is quite often a fraction of the cost to fly into Spain and drive or get a bus to Gibraltar.

The weather is tropical and warm all year round as you would imagine from Southern Spain, and it is nice to see Palm Trees and such greenery with tropical plants and flowers. The language spoken is English, but there is a very strong Spanish influence, so it is the best of both worlds with culture, fusions, food, and language.


Let us help you on this journey, you can be assured that what ever the outcome the dates of everything opening we will follow you through the whole process, and we won't stop until you are married, we will hold you hand and take you through the process so if there are any changes, amendments to need to be made, we will look after it all for you, all you need to do is let us know!

All you need to marry in Gibraltar are your original long version birth certificates, and if you have been married before then we also need to document that.  That is all!

And you know that in Gibraltar you can also get a civil partnership as well as a marriage ensuring that all couples have the choice to be able to choose the right option for them.

We are happy to provide advice and a free no obligation documents list of which documents you will require to get married in Denmark or Get married in Gibraltar – just contact us on any of the methods below. We are experts in all documents and situations, so if you are a foreign or international couple, and you are concerned your case may be complicated then we are the best agency in Denmark for you.

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