A wonderful venue close to Copenhagen and close to the Airport
What documents do you need to get married in Denmark? The exact list is different for every couple and is based upon residency, citizenship & previous marriages.
Lets look at a few things that are happening in Denmark in 2024 to help you choose when you go and get married!
A wedding in Copenhagen in winter has so much to offer in addition to getting married in Denmark in the capital city!
If you are a foreign, international, mixed citizenship looking at getting married in Denmark, this is the guide for you.
Get married in Denmark in the most amazing of special outdoor weddings in and around Copenhagen!
Getting married abroad is an exciting adventure, but it's important to understand the steps required to validate your marriage back home. One common query that arises is whether couples need to register their marriage upon returning to their home country or place of residence. The answer is a definitive YES!
Are you in American Military Service in Germany and looking for a simple non bureaucratic way to marry? We have many Danish Town Halls near the German border where you can turn up, marry and leave the same day. And we can move your date if you need at no extra charge as we appreciate your plans can change in the army.
If you are looking at getting married in Denmark quickly, stress free and within days of your approval, in a venue close to Copenhagen then this is a perfect option for you to get married in Denmark! Turn up, present documents, marry and leave the same day, and it is only 1 hour by train from Copenhagen. Also known as Stor Heddinge, or Stevns Klint, it is a lovely UNESCO heritage site area.
Who are the Agency of Family Law (AFL) or Familiershuset, and why are they important to getting married in Denmark.