If you are looking at getting married in Denmark quickly, the only option you should look at is an Express wedding in Copenhagen with the best wedding planners in Denmark. Marry in under 10 days from date of license issue.
Copenhagen City Hall is the jewel in the Danish wedding industries crown. The Daddy. The Big Kahoona. The epicentre of weddings. If you are looking at getting married in Denmark and you want an easy stress free wedding that is also classy, stylish, elegant, dignified and gives your elopement an air of gravitas, grandeur and formality that is also easy to get to for travel and from the airport - then a Copenhagen City hall wedding is the one for you! It is quite simply a stunning venue in an incredible City, with amazing registrars.
If you are begging married in Denmark you will likely fly into Copenhagen International Airport. So here is a little bit of help how to get from Copenhagen Airport (CPH) to the centre of Copenhagen.
Copenhagen has many options available in the summer to get married in a variety of locations in and around Copenhagen, in parks, gardens, boats and historical gardens and locations around the City.
If you are getting married in Copenhagen you will wonder what your ceremony in Copenhagen City Hall will be like.
It is widely said that getting married in Denmark is easy, with few documents, you can get married fast as an International, same, sex, mixed religion couple, no marital status documents, no birth certificates, no residency needed. So this does lull couples into the thought "if it is so easy to get married in Denmark lets do it ourselves, why do we need help?"....
Getting Married in Denmark is a wonderful option for couples that are wanting to marry quickly, want to have an elopement, want to marry in a country where the documents are easy... there are so many reasons, and we here at Marry Abroad Simply would love to help you.
When you get married in Denmark you will need to consider the financial regime you will marry under. Which unless you organise otherwise will be by default 50/50 division of assets. We explain a bit more.
Getting married in Denmark, why you should do it, and how come it is the easiest place in Europe for International, same sex, and foreign couples to get married quickly. You want a speedy easy wedding - Denmark is not only the best option, but really cool also!
Where can I marry quickly in Europe as a Foreign, International or Same sex couple really fast on a tourist VISA and without any stress... When this is searched on the internet there are lots of options, but as we specialise in FAST weddings without loosing any of the LOVE.. there can only be one answer - get married in DENMARK!