Gibraltar is such a magical place to marry and there are so many choices when it comes to what type of wedding you would like! There are 18 licensed places to marry and if you would like to tailor the venue and celebrations, then we will simply ensure that everything is in place and the registrar is there.
Caleta Hotel wedding has everything to offer, sun, sea, views, serenity! What an awesome location for your destination wedding!
Gibraltar has so much to offer... And is famous for the Rock of Gibraltar! So where better to have your wedding in Gibraltar than in a hotel that is actually set in the side of the Rock itself?! And this is also where John & Yoko stayed when they got married in Gibraltar....
How do we take the stress, questions and unease from you on your journey to being a married couple? Do you want to get married in Denmark or Get married in Gibraltar? Let us help you choose the right location for you....
Getting married in Gibraltar has so many options. You can get married quickly, easily, in the sun and with a variety of views and locations. Mons Calpe at the top of the Rock is an incredible venue for your Gibraltar wedding.
The Alameda Botanical Gardens in Gibraltar are quite frankly STUNNING! A perfect location for your wedding elopement.
An unexpected work trip to Gibraltar was an absolute delight and gave me a chance to see so much, I thought I would share!
The situation for countries is changing rapidly, and we will try to update you as much as possible on the situation for getting married in Gibraltar in relation to delays with the Coronavirus lockdown.
Fly in, marry, fly out all within 24-48 hours. Same sex marriages legal and recognised. International Marriage Certificates issued. Its easy to see why both Getting married in Denmark and Getting married in Gibraltar are the easiest options for foreign, native, international, and expat couples to marry!
People get married for a variety of different reasons, some people believe in the tradition of marriage and some people don't. Some couples may live in a country where they aren't allowed to marry the person that they love...