If you are looking at getting married in Denmark quickly, the best option is our Express wedding in Copenhagen with the best wedding planners in Denmark. Marry in 2-4 weeks from date of license issue, or on a weekday date of your choice when there are no standard ceremonies available.
Many couples contact us and ask "can we get married in Denmark just over the German border?" or 'Can we get married in Denmark as a German resident" Or "can we get married being in Germany on a tourist VISA?" the answer to all is Yes!
Marriage is a commitment for life.  It is a permanent, life long relationship.  It also saves you tax.  So go ahead and get married and along with the joys of life, enjoy the joys of financial benefits and save on taxes too!
Where can I marry quickly in Europe as a Foreign, International or Same sex couple really fast on a tourist VISA and without any stress... When this is searched on the internet there are lots of options, but as we specialise in FAST weddings without loosing any of the LOVE.. there can only be one answer - get married in DENMARK!
Have you ever wondered why so many people get married in Denmark? Well have a little read of this lovely international couples story as to why getting married in Denmark was the best option for them.
If you want to get married on a budget, cannot find a make up artist - or just like doing your own make up, have a read of this which may help.
Getting married in Denmark in 2022.
Congratulations on being engaged and starting to plan your destination wedding abroad! As a Foreign and International couple it is hard to know where to start. So we thought we would help with a few quick tips.
When celebrating the joyous occasion of a Danish wedding, finding the perfect gift can be both exciting and tricky. That's why we’ve put together a handy guide of some of the most unique and thoughtful suggestions that capture the essence of love and Danish charm.
So what is the year 2021 going to bring us?  It's going to bring us LOVE. SO much love, couples, families, friends are going to be re-united.. People all over the world are going to travel and see each other, we will be able to touch and feel and share experiences.