If you are looking at Getting Married in a Nordic country, and want grandeur, history, ease, Vikings, Abba, then Sweden is your place! The Capital City Stockholm has a most AMAZING City Hall where you can marry on a Saturday...
If you are getting married in Denmark and want something a little different for your wedding backdrop photos - how about you head to some of the amazing architecture that is in Copenhagen...
Here at Marry Abroad Simply, we can not enthuse to our couples enough how completely fantastic Aero is. The majority of our couples that marry there state that they will return to visit for their anniversaries to come! As a Danish Island wedding goes it is spot on for everything!
So in this COVID era, we are seeing a lot of couples having a lot of issues with their weddings, cancellations, friends and family unable to travel, reduced numbers for the celebrations.... But all is not lost, you can still have your wonderful elopement ceremony, intimate, romantic, just with the two of you - and you still get to share it will everyone else!
International couple Loreto & Frederik were having issues marrying in Germany, so they decided to take a look at getting married in Denmark and had a super stress free romantic and fast wedding on the amazing Danish Island of Aerø. Read their story of the experience, journey and Danish Island Wedding...
Despite the websites, social media feeds, newspapers and TV channels being awash with Coronavirus COVID 19 horror stories, we need to remember there is always light at the end of tunnel - positivity needs to be made louder news than the negative for everyones sanity and self protection as much as hand washing!
Marriage is a commitment for life.  It is a permanent, life long relationship.  It also saves you tax.  So go ahead and get married and along with the joys of life, enjoy the joys of financial benefits and save on taxes too!
Every Year thousands of couples elope.  Elopement nowadays doesn't mean that you are running away to marry against people's wishes.  The amount of couples getting married abroad every year is growing, but why? One reason is the world is getting smaller and many people are Expats who are marrying abroad for necessity and practicality.
Do you need to register your wedding back in your home country when you get married abroad? This is a question that we get asked all the time, it's a really important question, couples get married for love of course, but there's also the legal implications that, to a lot of International couples, can be also be the driving force.
Looking for some Fun ideas for a marriage proposal to the one you would like to wed? We've seen some fantastic ones that we want to share!