Copenhagen Express Wedding

What is the Copenhagen Express service? It is for a wedding in Copenhagen City Hall Ceremony room on a weekday date of your choice (availability permitting), anywhere from 2-4 weeks from issue of your license from the Danish Agency of Family Law.

As the best wedding Agency in Copenhagen we are delighted to introduce you to our Express Services, we are the ONLY Agency that offer these services in Copenhagen, this is down too many factors. Absolutely no-one can get you married as fast, efficiently or safely - with a time and refund guarantee that we can.

Copenhagen City Hall is the most popular location for International, same sex and Foreign couples looking to get married abroad in Denmark, as it is only 20 minutes from the airport, there is also a main train station there with routes from Germany, and you can turn up, marry and leave the same day. As well as the City Hall Ceremony room being stunning and the marriage office being well known for lovely ceremonies.

This does mean though it is popular, and so they are booked up on average 8-10 weeks ahead for standard marriage ceremonies, so with the Copenhagen Express we hire a private registrar and use of the Copenhagen City Hall ceremony room, which gives us more flexibility and availability to get you married fast in Copenhagen, or on a date to suit your schedule or VISA constraints.

We are one of the only Agencies confident enough to offer a variety of fast weddings in Denmark with the peace of mind of Refund policies because of our knowledge of the application system with the Agency of Family Law, the documents needed, our experience, an in house government document specialist, extensive knowledge of the marriage application process in Denmark and of course our hard working attitude ensuring that we will go the extra mile to ensure that our couples are happy and get the date/location of their dreams.

So if you looking at getting married in Denmark quickly and you need something very time specific, limited travel, only have a short time in Copenhagen for the paperwork, then the only option you should be looking at is one of our Copenhagen Express services.

You can also get married in Denmark in under 14 days, with our Copenhagen Super Express service -  no-one is faster than us or can get you married in an Express wedding in Copenhagen in a matter of days like we can.

Get married in Copenhagen City Hall
Getting married in Denmark fast guaranteed with the Copenhagen Express

You are also walking distance of the Legalisation office, which is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and we can try to time your wedding so after your wedding, or the business day after, you can walk and go to the sit and wait service to get the Apostille on your document. This then reduces the cost to only €30 per certificate, it is issued to you whilst you are there. We have written a guide which we send you on confirmation of your wedding so you have a complete guide how to do this.

The Apostille is the full, further, optional level of Legalisation available on any document, your marriage is legally recognised worldwide, and some countries do need this extra verification done in line with the Hague Apostille convention done, which as Denmark is in the convention is an Apostille. There is a blog with an example and more information HERE.

But also couples do often choose to stay in Copenhagen for a mini break. And we completely understand why - we may be bias but Copenhagen is one of the most wonderful cities in Europe! This brief guide of the suburbs and areas in Copenhagen will give you a very quick taster of what is available. 

Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, as Connie Neilson a great Danish Actress said “If Copenhagen were a person, that person would be generous, beautiful, elderly, but with a flair. A human being that has certain propensities for quarrelling, filled with imagination and with an appetite for the new and with respect for the old - somebody who takes good care of things and of people.”  That just about sums the city up, it is stunningly beautiful, rain or shine.

And Copenhagen City Hall is up there as one of the most famous places to marry in the world.  The structure is simply breathtaking and inside the main hall it is adorned with the Danish flags and of course lots of couples in love on their way to get married or having just been married, there is a special atmosphere in City Hall and it is one of freedom, love and exclusivity. Same sex marriages are very welcome, and Pride week is held in Copenhagen every year.

copenhagen city hall wedding
Get married in Copenhagen City Hall

And don't forget that you will receive your certificates on the day, multi-lingual versions in English, Danish, German, Spanish and French. You can have your wedding in either English, German or Danish, and when you get married in Copenhagen you can be assured of a very special ceremony, as this is the only venue in Denmark where the registrars are theatrically trained and allowed to write their own wedding speeches!

Copenhagen City Hall wedding
Copenhagen City Hall is top destination for getting married in Denmark

Anyway lets get down to the nitty gritty if the Express Service, in City hall we can 'save' dates for you from your first contact in Copenhagen this is means that we have a date and a time for you ceremony, we can do this throughout the busy periods of Summer and Christmas and we can prepare your file and make the application, knowing that that date and time have your names against it.  Remember that with this Express option the date can also be changed (depending on availability) no charge, no obligation.  


The Copenhagen Express Service - €1095 - Marry anywhere from roughly 2-4 weeks after issue of license. This is our service were we can 'save' your wedding date and book you a private ceremony in Copenhagen City Hall, these are ceremonies just outside of the usual ceremony times so it is slightly calmer in City hall, witnesses provided and this can be either in the morning between 9am and 10.15am or in the afternoon between 3pm and 4pm. Perfect also for couples who wish to book a wedding on a date when City hall is fully booked (which is generally 8 weeks ahead and longer in peak season)

This is also possible on a weekend with the Copenhagen Express Weekend Service - €1995, with this service you will need to provide witnesses, however we can arrange these if if you are having a romantic elopement and its just the 2 of you. This is for a weekend date anywhere from 14 days after issue of license, and covers Saturdays and Sundays.

The Copenhagen Super Express Service - €1495 - Again here we can save a date for you, even in the busiest of times of the year, however here once we have your documents we guarantee that you can marry within 14 days of us submitting your application.

Again possible on the weekend with our Super Express Weekend - €2495, witnesses are needed, however we can provide them for you (additional charge may apply).

The Ultimate Copenhagen Elopement - €2495 - Hair, make-up, photographs, flowers and button hole.  All arranged and booked and paid for by us, you literally only have to choose your flowers and we will do everything else.  This also includes a private appointment in City Hall on a weekday.

* The Copenhagen complete is available on a weekend also at a cost of €2995

All of our fees are fully inclusive of all application and AFL fees, taxes, license registrar, venue, witnesses, marriage certificates, there is nothing further to pay. We also have a full and immediate refund promise should your application be refused, but as we are the only Agency with a 100% success rate on the applications you should not need this.

We also like to add extra peace of mind, that should you need to delay your date we will refund the difference in the service prices for you. How nice are we?!? 

Getting married in Denmark in winter
Get married super fast in Denmark, the Copenhagen Express service


So for the documents... PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A FREE DOCUMENTS LIST - HERE - as every situation is different.

Valid photo ID/travel document  - Everyone needs one of these.  MUST have a valid ID document, this being either an EU ID card or a passport, both of these need to have at least 3 months validity on them from the date of the ceremony.

Legal into Denmark Entrance - You will also need to have legal entrance into Denmark; By way of - EU citizenship, EU residence permit, Schengen short stay visa (work, student), Schengen visit visa.  Be a citizen of a visa-free Schengen travel country.  For the full list see here.   Please bear in mind that you mustn't overstay on your 90 days visa free, it may cause some problems if you have.

Relationship Document - This is something that we make ourselves and upload to the Danish government office when we make the application for your marriage.  The point of this document is to show the longevity of the relationship and we will let you know below how this can be done.

Previously married - We will need to see the Divorce or Death certificate (legalised and translated if required)

2 Single page forms - which will provide, for you to print, complete, sign and date in pen.

Situation dependant: 

* If you are registered as living together we add any sort of evidence to help such as utility bills, it is fine if you are not living together

* If you have shared children together we will add the birth certificates in

After these documents then it depends on every applicants individual specific situation.. 


Of course couples are drawn to Denmark because of its easier documents lists and to some this list may seem exhausting, get in touch, we are here to help and once we know your exact situation we can make everything clear for you.. 

Getting Married in Copenhagen
Number one Agency for Foreign, International and Same sex couples to get married in Denmark


So get in touch if you would like a quick and easy process to marry in Copenhagen, we are good, we are fast and we are transparent, we are without doubt the best wedding planners in Denmark, and the largest wedding planner in Copenhagen. Noone has organised more weddings for international, Same sex and foreign couples that us. And no other Agency can beat us on speed, efficiency or experience. 

We also have an in house Government documents specialist of over 30 years, so specialise in Complex cases, and you can be assured of correct help and a 100% success rate on your application.

Leanne Hindle - Director of Marry Abroad Simply says

"There are many Agencies in Denmark, but not all Agencies are the same, if you are planning a huge life event and you are looking at getting married in Denmark fast then you need to be with the best, most experienced, reliable wedding planners in Denmark. We are not only the most experienced, but we are as people nice and honest, you will get excellent service, a fast wedding, personal attention and complete peace of mind that your wedding, married future and money is in good hands"

Legal wedding Denmark
Getting married in Denmark with Marry Abroad Simply super fast!

We are expert wedding planners in Denmark and Gibraltar, award winning wedding planners, government documents specialists by career, and widely acknowledged to be the best and fastest wedding planners in Copenhagen, Denmark and Gibraltar.

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