Copenhagen Open Air Weddings 2023

Submitted by Sam on Fri, 06/01/2023 - 12:59

Copenhagen the city of history, art and culture.  A city of romance, elopements and weddings, every year the amazing registrars at the Copenhagen City Hall Wedding Office, hand pick some selected 'outdoor locations'


Copenhagen City Hall Wedding
Copenhagen City Hall ceremony room is stunning also!


Here at Marry Abroad Simply we will look after the application and the booking of these special ceremonies, there is nothing extra for you to do or pay for. No extra documentation needed, witnesses are still provided, you still receive your International Marriage Certificates straight afterwards!

The fee for all of this as one service is €1195euros - there is nothing further to pay, this includes the Agency of Family law fee, taxes, application, government costs, registrar, venue, witnesses, marriage certificates, and also like no other Agency a full 100% refund should your application be rejected for any reason (but we have a 100% success rate also like no other Agency -  so you are in good hands)


Copenhagen City Hall Wedding
So many locations to choose from for something a bit different!
Get married in Copenhagen
Copenhagen City Hall
A fairytale wedding!
Copenhagen Elopement
Stunning Gardens!


Get married in Copenhagen City Denmark
There are some spaces left in May!

Also if you would like to look at an external summer wedding we have also some June spaces free.

Get married in Copenhagen in June
Limited June space available for a summer wedding

The witnesses are provided and you are still given your International marriage certificates the same say in English, German, Danish, Spanish and French. You will need to factor in that you must present your original ID/Passport/VISA/Permits at Copenhagen City Hall the business day before your wedding. And then you go directly to the location of your wedding on your wedding day the day after and just arrive 10 minutes before - where you will be greeted by one of the Copenhagen Marriage office team.


Get married fast in Copenhagen


Wedding planners in Copenhagen Marry Abroad Simply can help you with all the external ceremonies or with ceremonies in the stunning Copenhagen City hall. We are award winning wedding planners in Denmark, Copenhagen and Gibraltar and we would be so happy to help you.


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