Danish Weddings Traditions


Here are some traditions and facts about Danish weddings.

When we think of Danish Wedding Ceremonies we think of International couples marrying in stunning town halls, elopement style weddings, Vikings, Herring and boats!

However as every country Denmark has lots of traditions in their wedding ceremonies.  Maybe if you marry in Denmark then you can adopt one as a nod to the wonderful country that has made your marriage possible!


"Gate of Honour"

On the wedding day an archway known as "gate of honour" ("æresport") is placed around the door to the bride's home.  This is made of pine branches and flowers.  This is prepared by friends and family members and it is re-created on the day of the 25th Wedding Anniversary.


Wedding Dress

A Danish bride traditionally wears a white wedding dress and a veil. The bride will also wear something in red as red symbolises Love in Denmark and it wards off evil spirits.  The bridal bouquet is also always bought and chosen by the groom. 

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Wearing red is a tradition of love. And a bride buying her own shoes is good luck


Wedding Shoes

The groom should not buy the wedding shoes for his bride. She must get them by herself. She should not sell them after the wedding - they are kept and treasured as heirlooms.


The Ceremony

Wedding ceremony can be held in church or in a town hall.  The bride and father will always be the last to arrive.  After the wedding ceremony - rice is thrown at the newlyweds as it symbolises fertility.

Danish Wedding
A Danish tradition of rice throwing is very popular! The birds love it also!


The Reception

This is always managed by a toast master. There are several speeches made during the wedding reception always starting with the father of the bride.

There is lot of singing and laughing. People often change the lyrics of a famous song so it relates to the newlyweds. Such lyrics are printed and given to the guests so everyone can sing.


The Bride Dance

This is a waltz the Danish believe that "brudevals" must be danced before midnight. The music for the waltz is from the ballet "A folk tale" (1854) by the Danish composer Niels Wilhelm Gade (1817-1890). While dancing the couple is surrounded by the guests. They slowly getting closer towards the couple in time for them to kiss at the end of the Waltz.

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It is a tradition for newly married Danish couples to share a dance before midnight


The Grooms Dance

Straight after the waltz all the male guests will then take off their socks!  The best man will cut the end of his socks off, this tradition has two different meanings for different people the first reason is to stop the groom ever being interested in any other woman.  The second is so the wife repairs the sicks to prove that she will be a goo/d wife (please remember this is tradition and not personal thoughts!)


The Brides Veil

Bride's veil is then destroyed by the guests.  This is to show that there is no need for it anymore.


The Cake

The traditional wedding cake called "kransekage" is cut by the couple sometime around midnight. Each guest must get a slice. Otherwise the couple will have a bad marriage. The "kransekage" is often decorated with small Danish flags.  For pictures of the cake please see our pinterest board.


The Stamping

This is where a guest starts stamping on the floor the other guests join him or her. The newlyweds then hide under a table and kiss.



This tradition can get very noisy especially if it is later on in the evening after the cocktails and wine have been served!  Guests take the silverware and start hitting glasses or plates. That is the sign that the bride and groom have to stand up on chairs and kiss.


The Kissing

Kissing plays an important role in the wedding as you can tell by the stamping and the silverware.  Every time the bride has to go to the toilet all the female guests have to rush and kiss the groom.  This is the same when the groom goes all the men have to kiss the bride.

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