Danish Wedding Gift ideas

Even though the majority of our couples marry as an elopement, just the two of them, in a wonderful ceremony full of love, hope, fresh starts , uniqueness and promises.  We do sometimes get contacted by friends/family members to ask if we can advise on any gift options for the couple.

We have been suggested and see some really lovely, unique, quirky and personal gift ideas over the years so thought we would share a few of our favorites in a blog.

Of course this isn't only for wedding gifts, these can be for Valentines presents, engagement gifts or even anniversary gifts!  We all love giving gifts and to make the gifts that little bit more special by relating it to the ceremony that the couple had or will have.

So let's have a quick look for the couples first, maybe the question will be popped on Valentines day!  Or maybe its your first Valentines day as a couple before marriage... 

This article is a great read and explains to you it a little bit about how the Danes celebrate Valentines day.  It explores the amazing Hotel L'Angleterre that is the most beautiful hotel in Denmark, well worth a visit if you are in Copenhagen, for afternoon tea or just for a quick walk around! This hotel is well known in Copenhagen as a good location for a Valentines meal or treat.


Hotel D'Angleterre is the height of luxury in Copenhagen
Hotel D'Angleterre is very special and very fancy!

So gifts for the couples... 


Wall art is personally always a great choice, it means that the couple can have something in their home that reminds them of their special day, where they went with a bit of style and difference! A brilliant keepsake and memory that is personal in so many ways, never dates, and is not particularly "lovey dovey" that will never age. 

Displate are amazing and they produce the same design for many locations around the world!  The Marry Abroad Offices have these for all our wedding locations and are looking forward to ordering more for when we take over the world!


Wedding in Denmark
Get married in Copenhagen and have this momento! Also available for Gib!

Love hearts are always nice, symbolic statements, and can be classy and suitable for every situation, occasion.
We love these interlocking hearts, they say love, but the message is not in your face, we do love something subtle and unique.

Bespoke wedding gift for a Danish wedding couple
Love gift wedding present for a couple having a Danish wedding!

Or if you feel that buying wall art is too quirky for the couple, hearts are too fluffy, then let's have something that is very Danish, but with a twist of fun. 

We have all heard of Danish Hygge, if not, then Hygge is a famous Danish word that kind of describes a situation.. Cosey, warm, relaxed.  See our Pinterest boards for Summer and Winter Hygge to give you more of a clue!  So if your feeling the 'Hygge' vibe then check out this game, it's great fun!

Danish Wedding
A lovely gift for couples getting married in Denmark

For many gifts Etsy is a wonderful place to explore, have a roam around the site, support local and small business and find some really interesting and individual things. Perfect for if you would like, especially gifts for people that you care about, but do not really know what you are looking for until you find it - and there is such an amazing array of gifts to do with love.. I could scroll through Etsy for hours take a look at some of the gifts here!

Going back on the same theme and combining the wall art and games take a look at these, these are great fun!  You can put the wedding venue or the place where the couple first met, or the the address of where they stayed!  Or things that you know are personal about the couple, history, jokes, etc - the options are limitless!

Danish scrabble wedding
Bespoke wedding gifts

And if buying the couple something that is a "thing"  isn't what you are thinking, the friends are more into experiences,  and they are either marrying in Copenhagen or travelling through Copenhagen - then how about a voucher for them to treat them to a wonderful meal... but if you don't know any restaurants in Copenhagan or you don't know exactly what they like to eat then how about a voucher for one of the Cofoco restaurants, they are an amazing group of restaurants in Copenhagen. And they can choose the style and type!

Finally if you are wanting to go 100% Danish then take a look at this blog that explains Danish Wedding Traditions.

So there's our short list of our fave gift suggestions for you, as a couple, or for friends and family who are marrying, or are looking at getting married in Denmark, have married or will marry!  If you have any other suggestions then let us know!

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