Get married in Stockholm City Hall Sweden

Sweden is the largest country in Northern Europe and is primarily famous for the Northern Lights, Nobel Prize, ABBA, and being one of the cleanest countries in the world. ... The Capital City Stockholm is well known for its Iconic City hall, that is steeped in History and still used today as the working offices for politicians, and also the Nobel prize giving gala ball.

And you can marry in the Stockholm City Hall! How amazing would that be?!? Where annually Nobel prize winners and Royal Family sit, a City Hall that was built in 1907 and steeped in so much history and culture?! This building is rather aptly  considered one of Sweden's foremost examples of national romanticism in architecture - rather fitting for where you will marry we think.

The City Hall is built on the Harbour edge, and you walk in via a really grand secure solid door into a gorgeous inner courtyard that over looks the harbour.

Getting married in Stockholm City Hall grand front door
A very grand entrance for the marrying couples!

When you walk through this very grand solid door you are greeted by a delightful inner courtyard and this view straight ahead of you that looks right down onto the Stockholm Harbour, you can walk right down to the water front and is perfect for pre or post wedding photos.


Get married in Stockholm City Hall Sweden
View from inside the front gate in Stockholm City Hall


Once inside the gate if you look to the right you will see the main entrance to the Blue room, and this is where you will enter if you are marrying in the Red Room.

Stockholm City Hall inner courtyard and the door you enter for the marriage
Look to the right when you walk through the front gate and its the main entrance

When you enter the Stockholm City Hall you will go into the Blue Hall, this is so named as the Architect had originally planned to completely cover the walls in blue plasterboard as water is such a huge part of Stockholm, Sweden is built on many Islands, and of course the Stockholm City Hall itself is right on the waters edge. But they decided to leave the brick work exposed instead. However the name stayed of "Blue Hall" as this is what it had always been named and known as, and the beautiful marble floor has stunning blue veins in. 

It is a spectacular entrance and sweeping stair case to lead you to the Red Room where you will marry in Stockholm City Hall.


Video file
The stunning Blue room in Stockholm City Hall which leads you up to the Gold Room and into the Red Room!

You walk up that amazing staircase, past the Gold Room, through the Gallery and into the Red room where your registrar and witnesses (if you need them) will be waiting for you. The room can hold a maximum of 15 guests.


Get married in Sweden City Hall
Get married in the magnificent Red Room in Stockholm City Hall

The long room that you can see from the open doors of the ceremony room is known as "The Gallery" and is also an area that you may marry in. It is also stunning and has views of the harbour, and incredible art that runs along the length of the walls - giving it the name the Gallery.


Gallery in Stockholm City Hall
Beyond that door is the Red room.... Imagine this being your Aisle!?!?

It is hard to capture the beauty and art, we have tried, but it is too vast to actually catch it all on camera, and even then it will not do it justice - you just have to go and have a look!


Stockholm City Hall wedding
An example of the art work in the Gallery in Stockholm City Hall

If you are lucky enough to marry in the Gallery you will have a different entrance to the Red Room, which is equally as stunning. When you walk through the grand gate, you walk down towards the water and look to your left just past this ornate metal gate ....


Stockholm City Hall inner courtyard
You will see this in the Stockholm Inner courtyard

And you will then further on the left see this door, just before you get to the waters edge, and this is the entrance to the Gallery room where you will enter if you are marrying there. The witnesses and registrar will be waiting for you. And you simply need to arrive a few minutes before your ceremony and show your passports/travel documents.


Get married in Stockholm City Hall Sweden
Right next to the waters edge is the entrance to the Gallery wedding room

The view from just outside the back of the inner harbour from Stockholm city hall is breathtaking. We were amazed that no matter the weather the photos were amazing, and the water, with the clouds always seemed to be atmospheric and romantic.


Wedding photo inspiration in Sweden
Look at that sun behind the clouds! Such wedding photo inspiration!

Stockholm City Hall is such a wonderful, easy and grand way to marry, the whole City is steeped in history, interesting facts, and architecture. It is vibrant, clean, international and friendly.

You can take a guided tour of the City Hall itself and you will be told so many amazing interesting facts. You have got to see the Gold Room, which is made up of mosaics using 10kgs of 18 million gold leaf small tiles. The Lady of Sweden, which is art that depicts life as viewed at the time shows the divide of East and Western world with Sweden in the middle.

These days luckily the world is much more integrated and less divided, and we are so happy to reflect this by helping International couples to marry in this incredible venue and City!


Video file
The Gold room in Stockholm City Hall is massive and VERY Gold!!

Stockholm City Hall as you can imagine is very busy and gets booked up very quickly, as it is very easy to get to from Arlanda Airport by a 20 minute express train direct from the Airport that costs €55 return per person. So if you wish to proceed please bear this in mind and try to book at least 10 weeks in advance. We do have other venues in Stockholm that are much faster, as well as Malmo, Gothenborg, and Helsingborg with faster availability, so please check out our other blogs on these venues and what they have to offer.

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