Getting Married Abroad - Do we need to Register our Marriage?

Contacting the Relevant Authorities 

Upon returning from your international wedding, you should contact the Office of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in your home country. If you are residing in a different country than your citizenship, contact your home country's embassy or consulate.


International Marriage Certificate in Denmark

If you choose to marry in Denmark, your International marriage certificate is stored in the Danish registry for 100 years. However, the Danish Authorities do not communicate the marriage to everyone, the marriages are not automatically transmitted to other jurisdictions.  Find out more details on the Danish International marriage certificate.


Example of an International Marriage Certificate from Denmark
Example of a Danish International Marriage Certificate


Notifying Authorities

 To fully benefit from your married status, you will need to let the relevant authorities know. This includes changing names (if desired) and updating records post-ceremony upon your return.


Places you may need to register your marriage include: 

  • Home countries and places of residence
  • Banks
  • Immigration offices
  • Passport office
  • Driving licence office


It’s important to note that there are more offices for women, as traditionally more changes occur for women due to name changes post-marriage.


Necessary Inquiries

When contacting these establishments, inquire about:

  • Original certificate requirements
  • Any legalisation necessities


The Apostille Stamp

As the Danish Authorities issue an International Marriage Certificate that is recognised worldwide the offices may ask for the certificate to be stamped with an Apostille stamp.

An Apostille stamp is a verification of the authenticity of the document, they confirm that the certificate was made in Denmark, it is a legal document and they stamp it with an Apostille stamp in accordance with the Hague Convention.

Of course, when working with government offices, there will always be the chance that one office will ask for something that you're not sure if you have or where to get it from. 


International marriage certificate


Our Apostille Legalisation Services

Apostille Service: We handle everything and deliver the legalised certificates to your home address via UPS. We guide you on obtaining the Apostille stamp yourself if you're in Copenhagen or passing through. This service is cost-effective at €50 (excluding legalisation costs).


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