Getting married in Denmark

Getting married in Denmark is a process that has benefitted over 120,000 couples in 2022, yes, that is a HUGE amount of couples. It looks like 2023 promises to be even busier so if it's something that you have been thinking of for quite some time then let us know and we will be happy to help!

We can get you married in as little as 10 days for a super fast elopement, or up to 4 months in advance if you wish to plan something more elaborate. We can change your date with as little as 24 hours notice, and the whole wedding is only €745 which is inclusive of all the fees for the Agency of Family Law (Familieretshuset), taxes, the venue, registrar, witnesses and marriage certificates. You get a whole of wedding for your bucks in Denmark!!

For a nice wedding ceremony in a themed venue outside of Copenhagen (such as Tivoli Gardens or the Opera House or Royal Gardens) or for a private wedding  ceremony in the stunning Copenhagen City hall on a weekday date of your choice this is €1095. Making getting married in Denmark a safe, affordable and classy option for marriages in 2022 and 2023.

Or if you prefer a lower key elopement in a wedding on a Danish Island, or in a Town hall near the German border just the 2 of you we have a cheaper option with the Everything service of €745, the witnesses for your wedding are even included in that.

There are always worries and concerns with having an international elopement, and as with any wedding worldwide actually even if it 5 mins from your home - the thought of "hope for the best, prepare for the worst"  is a common theme. Getting married in Denmark really does tick all the boxes of a low cost yet lovely, stress free yet classy,  flexible yet on your terms marriage.

quick weddings in denmark
Getting married in Denmark is easy & stress free

Many couples have cancelled or postponed their weddings multiple times thanks to COVID, couples have been together in various lockdowns and realised that they want to spend the rest of their lives together.  Couples haven't seen each other for many many months and are just wanting to marry and be together.. and not be separated again. Now after being in close proximity or as far apart geographically as you can be it is making couples appreciate what they have, and miss what they do not have and want to get it and cling onto it with both hands. 

If you are married also you have the added benefit of safe guarding against being kept apart from entering each others home countries in the future should (heaven forbid!) there be another unexpected lockdown. 


Getting married in Denmark in winter
Beautiful Nyhavn is a popular backdrop for wedding photos in Denmark


Getting married in Denmark is simple and stress free

So let's get into the specifics!  How does this all work?  What are your options?

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Easy wedding for International couples in Denmark


First off the documents are slightly different for every situation, and it depends on

- Where are you residents?
- Where are you Citizens?
- Are either of you married before?
- Are you living together?
- Do you have children together?
- Are you in the Military?
- How long have you been in a relationship that you can evidence

A couples marriage in Copenhagen
International couple marrying in Copenhagen City Hall

The answers to those questions will change or alter the documents you require to get married in Denmark.

An Example of what documents I need to get married in Denmark

The great news is that you DO NOT NEED marital status certificates or birth certificates.

* Travel documents (passport or EU ID)  (with 3 months validity from the date of the ceremony)

* Residence permits (if you are living in a country where it is required) or Visa for entry into Denmark.

* Relationship document (this is something that is made yourself and we will help you with it, just to evidence longevity and contact, it is super easy and super cute to put together!).

* Proof that you are living together if you are (absolutely no problem if you are not).

* If either of you have been previously married then Decree or Death certificates (potentially Legalised with an Apostille)

* If you have shared children together (both of your names on the birth certificate) we will need the birth certificates

Everything is done on secure emails, or encrypted communication, the Government office use secure links.

There are also a couple of short forms we will send you, and then if you wish to proceed you will then start to gather the documents and email or whats app them to us.

We will discuss the venues and timeframes with you (if you are already set on a location that is also fine!), some are more geared for super fast weddings, some with longer lead times, some close to airports, some best for train, others for larger groups, some where you need witnesses, some where witnesses are provided, some in a City, some remote, some of them on Danish Islands, some where you present documents and marry the same day, some where you arrive the day before. 

Rest assured though, as we work with ALL town halls in Denmark we will and can match you with the best Town Hall for you and your requirements. So whatever you and your partner want - and we appreciate it is your day and your needs are as unique as you are, you will have absolutely the best match for you.

You are spoilt for choice, and Denmark is not a huge country, there there are almost 100 town halls where you can marry once you get your approval from the Agency of Family Law

Couples choose the location of the ceremony for many reasons, mainly the geographical location and how it is easier for them to get to.. No one wants to use planes, trains AND automobiles to get to their wedding (unless they have to!).

Having said that, in Denmark there are some really remote town halls if that is your thing,  that may take some getting to.  These locations are stunning and are always worth the travel, and you have the added benefit of having a hire car and thus seeing even more of Denmark, come for the wedding and stay for the culture! 

If you down load our app on App Store and Play Store you can see all the town halls that we work with and you can see where they are and some information about the towns and surrounding areas.  Just look at the venue section, it's completely free and packed with information.

How do I start the process Again?

You contact us! Thats all!!

Once we have received your documents we make the application  to the Agency of Family Law (Familierestshuset) in Denmark. This is the government office that approves all marriages that take place in Denmark. 

Usually we will receive the approval in 5 days and your 'file' will be sent electronically to the town hall that you have chosen, as soon as they have the file, we can arrange and confirm the ceremony date.  We also organise the language you would like the ceremony in (English, Danish or German), the witnesses, any extra marriage certificates, anything additional

Each town hall works in different ways some you can marry next day and some you can marry in 2 weeks, some in 2 months - but don't worry about that, it's up to us to explain all of that to you.  

You will marry in the town hall that you have chosen and you will receive 2 copies of the International Marriage Certificate on the day of the ceremony - which is in English, German, Danish, Spanish and French - and you are free to leave immediately!  

So many International, same sex, foreign couples, couples on Schengen Visas, Tourists, choose to get married in Denmark with good reason as we have told you in brief, and we would be happy to give you expanded information and reason if you would like to contact us on [email protected] or Whats app on  +45 71 49 34 83

We are expert wedding planners in Denmark who organise over 120 weddings per month, and we can help you also.


So in short Denmark is incredible, easy, stress free and the best option for foreign and international couples - Why wouldn't you marry there?  For a little visual inspiration, please see our pinterest board Getting Married in Denmark.

If you would like more information on how to get married in Denmark from an expert wedding planner in Copenhagen, and a free no obligation documents list – then please contact us anytime on [email protected] or +447934933356 or whats app +4571493483