Getting Married in Denmark in Summer 2020 - The Summer of Love

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2020 has been a strange year so far, with a global pandemic, and coronavirus Covid-19 has affected everyone in some way or another.  The world has stopped and taken a few breaths, we have all reached deep inside and done whatever we can to help the situation.  Be it clapping in support of the front line workers, working from home, homeschooling or putting all plans on hold for the foreseeable future.  For lots of couples these plans have been wedding plans, there have been no Spring weddings in 2020 and even though there has been sadness and disappointment there has been a lot of understanding and acceptance. 

However, this is going to come to an end and with that we can finally look ahead and make new plans for Summer 2020.  After three months of 'staying in' we can start too slowly make plans and we can start to think of what we will be.

Although travel, without a doubt will still be restricted in the coming months, we are sure that it will be a possibility and we are eagerly waiting for the EU borders to re-open in June.  We have been promised a firm date of borders re-opening before June 1st.

The days following the announcement are expected to be very very busy.  For couples luckily there has been so many options offered by the wonderful Agency of Family Law who have been extremely helpful and empathetic towards couples durig this difficult Covid-19 time.

* There are a lot of couples that have held off making their applications until the borders are open, and are poised ready to start the process and know what documents are required to get married in Denmark.

* There are a lot of couples that have made the application and they have put them on hold with the Agency of family Law to be released once the borders are open to maintain the 4 month license period

* There are a lot of couples that have made their application, been approved and they are waiting to make the appointment with the town hall.  Some town halls have between 100 and 500 ceremonies to perform already from couples that have been already approved.

* If a license is issued and expires before lockdown in Denmark is lifted so the couple are unable to marry due to Coronavirus, the Familieretshuset are allowing files to be re-opened and extended (VISAS and permits permitting) at no additional charge or administration fee.

What this means is that Summer 2020 is going to be the Summer of love in Denmark, town halls will be working extra to ensure that as many couples as possible will have their special moment, and we for sure will help as many couples as possible.


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Getting married in Denmark in Summer


So when the town halls are going to be so busy in the already popular areas, it is a great time to get to know some of the lesser popular town halls. 

This is not because they are not stunningly beautiful (they are), or hard to get to (Denmark has an amazing road and rail infrastructure), it is simply because we are the ONLY agency that deals with EVERY town hall in Denmark

And during this time of 'lockdown' we have spent a lot of time communicating with the town halls and ensuring that we have all the information we need to help our couples arrange their special day in one of Denmarks many wonderful locations.  There are over 100 amazing locations to choose from.  So, leave the investigating to us, we will find you a town hall with availability on the dates that you want!


Getting Married in Denmark town hall map
Town halls in Denmark near German border and Danish Island weddings


As an agency that arranges weddings for International and foreign couples getting married in Denmark, we do ask a couple of questions to ensure that we suggest the best town halls for them.  We are expert and long standing professional wedding planners in Copenhagen and all of Denmark, so can quickly assess your situation and give advice as to the documents you will require to get married in Denmark, and also the Town Hall in Denmark which may be best for you in terms of geography, timeframe and ceremony days. We have a choice of Town Halls close to the German border in Jutland for anyone heading to Denmark from Germany. 

Logistically Copenhagen, is  often the easiest due to the large airport and excellent daily flights, and in addition to Copenhagen City Hall we have venues in and around Copenhagen such as Helsingor, Gentoft, Hellerup, Frederiksberg, Stevns.  Or alternatively there are the amazing town halls of South Jutland which is easy for those couples coming from Germany.

We have a whole selection of blogs that go into lots of locations around Denmark;

The wonderful Faroe Islands

The area of Stevns, a coastal location 45 minutes from Copenhagen.

Aabenraa, 35mins from the German border.

Haderslev, 45 mins from the German border.

Sonderburg, 40 mins from the German border.

Ribe/Esbjerg, 3 hours from Copenhagen, 2 hours from the German border.

Bornholm, 4 1/2 hours from Copenhagen or there are 2 flights per day.

Helsingor, 45 mins from Copenhagen, on the coast line between Denmark and Sweden.

Tonder, 20 mins from the German border.

Frederiksberg, in Copenhagen centre.

Aero Island, 3 hours from Copenhagen


These are to name but a few, but no need to worry there are lots more to choose from.

We have tried to make Marrying Abroad  very simple, and a fast and cheap alternative to more traditional options. Please do not be concerned that your situation is complex, difficult, different, complicated, unusual - to us it will not be. We have been doing this for many years now, and there is no document we have not seen, and no combination of Citizenship and residency within a couple that we have not helped. Whether you are both residents and citizens in the same country. Both EU, Both NON EU. Live on other sides of the world to each other, same sex, been married 6 times before or this is your first time. We have helped everyone and can offer lots of advice, guidance and wisdom, tips and information gathered along our time as wedding planners in Denmark!

Have a look at our awesome YouTube channel for short information Vlogs on how easy it is to elope and get married abroad!

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