Getting Married in Denmark - Svendborg

Svendborg is situated on the island of Funen and it has been named the most charming town that Denmark has to offer, it is the second largest town on the island with a population of almost 30000 there is plenty to see and do for a short stay there! 

What to do in Svendborg

With its unique atmosphere and plenty to see, you can start your visit by taking a stroll along Havnepladsen towards the lively marina to watch the large wooden ships and ferries pass by. After walking along the harbor front, there you will find the town centre, here you can experience many artisan shops, cozy cafes, and specialty stores that sell a range of goods.  There are so many amazing places to take some photos after your ceremony against the amazing coastline or the wonderful buildings.

Get married in Svendborg
An example of quirky front doors in Svendborg


Getting to Svendborg

If you are arriving into Svendborg via Copenhagen and traveling via car, you should expect it to take you around 2 hours and 15 minutes. If you're arriving via a direct train from Copenhagen, you can expect your journey to take around 2 hours. If the bus is your chosen method of travel, your journey time from Copenhagen to Svendborg will take you around 4 hours.  There are great links to Odense and Faarborg by train and Nyborg.

Svendborg is dated back to the 12th Century with its position at the head of the harbour.  It is known to have held great importance in the middle ages as it held 3 fortress towers as it grew in size and became one of the most important market towns in Scandinavia.  The town has continued to grow into recent years with a large industrial port and a hub for many companies in the food and metalwork industry.

Things to do and see in Svendborg

If you love a day trip, Svendborg Harbour offers a range of day trips that allow you to visit its surrounding islands. The small island ferries depart from Svendborg several times a day, allowing you to hop on a ferry in Svendborg, Faaborg, or Rudkobing.

Getting married in Denmark
Photo of a small island ferry - thanks to


If it's history that you are looking for, we recommend that you visit Anne Hvide's House, which is one of Svendborg's oldest houses - dating back to 1560!

Getting married in Denmark
Historical house from the 15th century in Svendborg

Or if Museums excite you, pop in and see Naturama, a natural history museum that contains a large collection of stuffed animals and birds that are featured in natural surroundings, here you can get close to the animals while lighting, sounds, and films change the atmosphere in the rooms.


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Discover more information on what to do and see in Svenborg. The weather in Svendborg can be changeable due to its position, in Summer it can be stunning, but watch the winds in the winter months! There are also many accommodation options.

You can marry in Svendborg on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and some Saturdays. We can sometimes organise you witnesses, there is high demand and it is advised you book 5-6 weeks in advance. Document presentation is the business day before the wedding.

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